There is no option to record or getting alerts wyze v2

I dont know why but i can just use live stream.
Here is the camera settings as a picture

Any idea?

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Welcome to the community! @ori34

Is this a shared device ?

Thank you.
Im not sure but i am the only one who use it .

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That’s unusual looking. Since it has a Sharing menu item, I assume this is the primary account. What app version are you using? (Account tab > About > Look under the Wyze logo)

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Hi ,
Here :

That’s the current version for iOS. So if you go into the V2’s Device Info menu item, what version is the firmware?


Is this the camera on your account or is someone sharing the device to your account ?

On my account .
I don’t know what is happening.
Maybe someone else using it ? Is it possible?

That looks like Wyze Car firmware, is that possible? If so it needs to be reflashed as a V2 camera.

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Yes , possible. You are genius :slightly_smiling_face:
How can i do this?

Using the Wyze Car app:

  1. In the Wyze Car app, tap the profile icon on the top left to go to My Account.
  2. Tap Switch Camera Mode. Find your camera and press Use Camera Mode.
  3. Do not turn off your camera during the update.
  4. You’re all set!

If you don’t have the Car app, more instructions can be found here:


Thank you so much!
It works !

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