Issue with wyze cam settings

I have a wyze cam v2 and it isn’t picking up any motion or sound events. When I go into the camera settings to look for Event Settings or whatever it is, it isn’t there. In my cam settings, i only get the options, Camera Name; Sharing; Device Info. Is there a reason that this is the only things I am seeing or why is this happening.

Welcome to the community @brayden

I would first log out of the app and then log back in. This has proven to fix some of these issues. To Logout, start the app, go to Account, scroll to the bottom and Log Out.

Also, Can you provide the following:

  • App Version you are using
  • Looks like you are using iOS, can you let us know what device and OS version you are using
  • Can you take a screen shot of what you are seeing and provide that as well.,

Other things you can try:

  • Clear the Cache by going to Account > App Settings > Clear Cache
  • Back out to the Account menu, scroll to the bottom and log out again.
  • Restart the Device
  • Log Back into the app and see if it is corrected.

Note: When you clear the Cache, your thumbnails will disappear. However, when you live stream a camera, the thumbnails will appear again.

Welcome to the forums! Was this ever a Wyze Car cam? If so, then you’ll need to manually firmware flash back to the production version of the firmware to be able to unlock the rest of the features if you dnt want to use it as a car cam for the time being.