Detection settings revert

I phoned Wyze support but did not receive much assistance. I have a v2 camera and since the update I am no longer able to input the Detection Settings. After the update, the camera was showing very few events. I checked my Detection settings and Motion was 29 and Sound was 23. I always kept these around 55-60, but no matter what I change them to, they always revert back to 29 and 23. Wyze did not explain the cause or offer any solutions. I did a reset, of course, and verified the firmware. Anybody have any ideas. Not much use if it no longer records events.

Thanks for the quick reply. That actually worked. I had deleted and added the camera and I restarted it several times previously–but I never set the sliders to the position I wanted them prior to restarting. I hope it stays. I wonder why Wyze didn’t explain that option on the phone, Instead, I was told that it would be fixed in the next update.