Problem with Detection setting on Indoor Camera V1

Since installing the latest firmware the area of Motion Detection that appeared at the bottom of the page when you went to a cameras Detection setting does not appear. I do get the ability to adjust the distance and sound but no picture shows.

Wyze may be beginning to faze out wyze cam v1.

That’s terrible! I have 3 of them. Those of us that backed them from the beginning are going to be left behind, not nice.

Wyze is still supporting the v1 so I would definitely contact support about the issue and submit logs.

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I do not believe they are actively phasing it out, they are still supporting it, they have just reached the limits of what the camera is capable of.

I did just that this morning, thanks!!


I also can no longer adjust any of the detection settings on my V1 camera’s (3 of them). My V2’s (8 of them ) are fine. I tried resetting all the V1’s and get the same results, just a spinning icon while it try’s to connect. I have contacted support and they assigned a ticket for Development to investigate. Others on Reddit are experiencing the same.

I sent my open ticket in again asking for an update and have not heard anything yet.


I sent my open ticket in again asking for an update and have not heard anything yet


But if they were already supporting motion zones in the first place, it would seem like they are slowly diminishing the capability of the v1.

I agree.


I’m having the same problem with three V1 cameras, while seven V2 cameras are working fine. Seems like an obvious software problem affecting V1 cameras only. I realize V1 cameras are not Wyze’s most important priority but there are thousands of them still in service and no statements from Wyze about dropping support for them. This is a basic, fundamental capability for the camera and it sure would be great if Wyze would step up and fix it.

Last I heard from them was that it would be considered for an upcoming firmware upgrade. When that will be is unknown.