Detection settings not accessible

Whenever I try to open my detection settings I get the spinning wait symbol. It never finishes loading and I can’t change the settings for it. I’ve reset the app, the phone, and the camera. I have several cameras and the all do the same thing. Anyone have the same problem? I didn’t are any similar topics here.

App version v2.15.51

When mine does that, it usually means my WiFi is acting up.

Hmm. I can try restarting the router and modem. But this is the only settings menu that does this. I can open everything else just fine.

I am experiencing the exact issue with all my V1 cameras. All of the V2’s are fine. I have submitted ticket number 952307.

My one v2 works fine as well. I tried submitting a ticket but can’t find it now.

Any response from Wyze on this? Same here - all cameras on the latest version but v1 won’t load this screen - v2 are fine.

Nope nothing from wyze.

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I discovered on my V1 cam that if I switched the local storage mode from continuous to event, then I could access the detection settings again. It appears to work, even if I switch the storage mode from any selection and even back to the original. But it also seems like every time I open the app, I have to do it again.

Curious if this works for anyone else.

Yes, this works for me - but only if you have a SD card installed. Thanks - a good work around for the time being.

Also found that you have to stay in the Settings area. If you navigate back to the main screen, the Detection Settings freezes up again until you repeat switching the Storage Mode again.

Yeah, it’s definitely a workaround for a Wyze s/w bug. They need to fix this.

Nice workaround! Hopefully wyze fixes this soon. Shouldn’t have to resort to doing things like this to get it to function.

Is there a firmware update to correct this major issue on my Wyze cam v1? Freezing up setting for detections is a pain!

Same problem here. Wyze???