Base Station Broken & Out of Stock. Am I Out of Luck?

My Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station stopped working about a month ago (solid yellow light; couldn’t connect to the cameras or to the internet). After some back-and-forth, Wyze Tech Support gave me a $10 Wyze gift card for my trouble. I was perfectly happy with this solution–the base station came as part of a refurbished starter kit, so the gift card was pretty generous.

Since then, however, the base station has been out of stock on the Wyze store and, seemingly, everywhere else. Even if I wanted to spend the extra money and pick up another camera/base station bundle, I can’t because they are out of stock, too. As a result, I have three v2 Wyze Cam Outdoors and an annual subscription to Cam Plus that I can’t use.

At this point, it’s starting to feel like I should just scrap the whole system. From what I can tell, Wyze has moved on to the new Battery Camera Pros, so it seems unlikely that the Base Stations will ever be in stock again. I’m sure the new cameras are great, but I’m not really interested in spending roughly another $300 to replace all my cameras.

Does anyone have any insight into if/when the Base Stations are ever coming back? Am I just out of luck?

Here is where I see realistic hope:

Wyze recently beta-tested a new trade-in program where they let people trade-in some old hardware in exchange for a discount toward newer products.
If they determine that this program yielded satisfactory results, they might extend it more widely and publicly. This would likely have people trading in their WCO cameras and base stations for a discount toward the newest Battery Cam Pro model and then Wyze would put them up for sale as refurbished options again.

Unfortunately, I don’t know when or if this will happen, but it is a reasonable possibility.

They might also get in another shipment of replacement parts at some point and then the replacement Base stations only sell for $9.99.

I checked eBay and Amazon and didn’t see clear solutions there either.

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Welcome to the forum @Nosredna.
I have an extra base station I am not using. It is out of box and only used once to test with.

I offered it another forum member a number of weeks back but they did not continue the conversation.

If you would like it, I would be happy to give it to you.


This is a very generous offer, @R.Good ! If you’re still willing, I’d love to take you up on it. I’ll PM you.


I have a dead basestation which has stranded 3 Outdoor cams. I would love to see a trade in program, so i could upgrade to newer cameras. I have been slowly upgrading old v2 cams to v3 or v3 pan cams.