Audible alert (chime e.g.) when someone is viewing camera

I have 9 WYZE cameras and share them all with a couple of friends. If they are watching, the indicator light goes from blue to red.
Would like to see the feature added that will cause an audible sound alert, like a chime for example, when someone has dropped in. Similar to Alexa’s Drop In notification.

It can definitely be hard to know when someone is watching. Even the indicator light is not a sure way to know because the light will also switch to red anytime the camera detects any motion. So, if you are sitting in a room and the light turns red, you will never know if it turned red because the someone looked at the camera, or if it turned red because you moved your arm/leg/head or swiped your finger on your cell phone, or just made a noise. Maybe it’s red because the TV is on and so it will keep showing red every 5 minutes because of the TV sound. The way it is right now, we never know if someone is looking at the camera or if it turned red because we turned our head to look at the status light, causing it to turn red because our head moved. Then add in the variables related to the cooldown if you don’t have cam plus, so it only turns red for motion for 12 seconds every 5 minutes, or for those who do have cam plus and it turns red constantly while we’re in the room and you never know if someone is watching.

Sadly, the status light is almost meaningless since it turns red for multiple things that don’t have anything to do with someone watching the camera. It would be nice to have settings that we could select where we could choose that the status light ONLY ever goes red when someone is watching the camera. That isn’t currently the case. And yes, it would be cool to have an audible chime if someone views the camera feed. :slight_smile: Though, if someone just views a cloud event or the SD card playback, then it won’t alert in those cases, so someone could still watch what we did 1 minute ago instead of live right now and there would be no notice. :thinking:

It certainly would be nice to have more clear statuses. As it stands right now I basically just assume if I see the light is red then it’s just because I’m in the room and the camera senses my movement. That turns it red too.

Yes. Status light turns red ‘briefly’ when there is motion. (Lowering the Motion Sensitivity reduces the frequency and usually the duration of red light notifications.). I turn off unnecessary Sound Detection on some of my cameras - thus no red light alerts.

Red light is persistent when someone is watching.

These are obviously two different events which WYZE can certainly work around to offer - singling out - a sound when someone is ‘viewing’.

By the way, by design, persons with whom you share your cameras DO NOT have access to video playback/SD Cards. At least this is per WYZE, and according to my friends.

If otherwise, this I’d like to know.

This can be done programmatically. The server knows when someone is about to view a camera; it needs to initiate a new network connection. Then the other connected clients can be notified. The logic shouldn’t rely on the red light. The red light indicates several use cases.

The question is it worth for Wyze to do this given that they don’t have the resources fix some of the other long-term bugs.

Just to clarify, I believe it is only brief for people who do not have Cam Plus (only then is it limited to 12 seconds every 5min, maybe less for the newer cams that only send a thumbnail and not a 12 second video). For anyone with Cam Plus, I believe it will stay on the whole time there is an event, which can be non-stop.

Yes, this is true for shared accounts, though not for anyone using or sharing the primary account. Lots of households or businesses (especially spouses) will share the same primary account so that they can all access SD card playback (I do with my wife, for example). Hence why I brought it up that it will still be a consideration for some people.

I know of several cases where one person set up a camera under their account for another family member, such as to monitor an elderly parent, and then shares it with other siblings. The primary account holder may not live at that home, while other siblings do, and they would also like to know when the primary account person is watching them. And regardless of that, there are the cloud events as I previously mentioned, which could be viewed by any account without any notice.

Regardless, I wasn’t arguing against the request, I was just adding details of why currently it can be difficult for us to know if someone is watching or not and saying it would be nice to have it be more clear when someone is watching (currently it is hard for lots of people to know). None of the previous statements affect whether Wyze can implement this request. As @p2788deal explained so well, the server definitely knows the difference and doesn’t rely on the status light, and it would be nice if there were a better way for US to also be able to know clearly when someone is watching vs whether it is an event. And p2788deal makes a good point about whether Wyze would make this a priority over other things. If they do ever implement it, I would certainly use it on some of my cams though.

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