Knowing by alert that someone is viewing my cameras inside my home

It’s nice to be able to view my cameras inside my home while I’m out but I would like to know if someone with permission or without permission is viewing the cameras so I know I’m being watched

Some of the cameras SORT OF give you that information. The V3 cameras for example change the color of the status light (if you have it enabled) when the camera is uploading video. However, if it is uploading video to the Wyze cloud servers because of a motion event, it will also change the color, so you can’t tell if someone is watching or if it’s responding to motion.
Note, this is something that comes up regularly here on the forum. Someone will report that the status light is red so “someone must have hacked me and is watching”. Where in reality, the person had walked into the room so the camera was properly uploading the motion event.

This could be an interesting experiment. What if say you have two v3 cameras. Aim camera #2 at camera #1’s status light. I wonder if there would be enough pixel change of camera #1 status light changing from blue to red to trigger an Event recording by camera #2?

If camera #2 is able to record the camera #1 status light change. You might be able to determine if camera #1’s status light turned red without uploading an Event video (indicating someone was viewing camera #1).

I’m talking about a simple pop-up on my phone with an audible alert that lets me know someone has turned on the software and is viewing the camera and what camera they are viewing

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