App opens to add device

This is happening to me as well. Just a screen with “+ new device”.
I’ve force closed athe app, flushed the app cache, uninstalled /reinstalled app and restarted my phone.
Right now I can’t even add any devices. The process fails and I’m back to “+ add device” again.
I have a strong WiFi signal, I tried a different network with no luck. If I go to Events, click on an event and then click “livestream” it says “device has been deleted.”
Android 11, app verrsion 2.14.35
To make it clear, currently I am unable to connect to any of my four devices: 2 plugs, 1 cam pan and 1 cam outdoors.

I am also seeing this behavior on my Android phone(s). I could view Livestream on both phones earlier today, and now I see the ‘add device’ home screen. I can see events and am notified of them, but when I click ‘Livestream’, I get ‘device has been deleted’. This occurs on a Samsung Galaxy S8, Android 9, with version 2.14.35 of the Wyze app. This also occurs on an old Galaxy S4, Android 5.0.1 with 2.14.35 Wyze app. This does not happen on my niece’s iPhone. My father is in a nursing home, and with the pandemic on us, this camera is the only way for family to check in on my father in real time. Hoping for a solution soon. We’ve used this camera for months and up until now, I’ve been impressed.

There is a service issue going in right now. See this for more:

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