App of cam v2

My mother just got her new wyze cam v2 and
her app is different from mine. For instance,
the detection zone has a grid so she can customize
the zone by clicking the squares.
I updated my app and still NO SQUARES.
Why is that???

There are a couple of factors here to consider.

Wyze is working on a new detection zone like what your mother has. They tested it on V2’s, then found some people had issues so they then revoked the firmware temporarily. This feature was mostly in Beta, and only for V2’s, and only specific firmware versions.

So if you want it, you need to make sure you have a V2 (not a V3), and then make sure to have your V2 install the correct the firmware with this feature on it. Then you might also have to be a betatester. I haven’t kept up with whether Beta is still required or which firmware has it or not, so someone who’s kept up with the details can add in here what the latest policy/options are for it.

For me, I have some with it and some without it, but mostly I am waiting until they decide it is ready for primetime again to load back onto everyone’s cams and expand it to my V3’s as well. I love the new grid system…Wyze just felt it wasn’t fully thoroughly ready for widespread use on all their devices yet after some people experienced bugs they wanted to work out first.

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I am not sure that your response is accurate.

I deleted Beta and opted out of the program. I reverted to the Production version. I even reverted to older Firmware then updated the whatever production version was automatically offered. It appears that all V2 Firmware is in production.

My V2 has the Detection Zone. The WCOs now have it.

Awesome, I wasn’t sure the status on beta/production/revocation. All I knew is that it started as Beta, some people had bugs, so they said they were revoking it, but you could manually add the firmware to do it if you still wanted it, and then I quit paying attention to whether it was fully released again to Beta or production or whatever. I never use Production, and sometimes I use other firmware on a few devices, so I don’t always know what’s officially public/launched or not. Sounds like if OP wants the detection zone they can just make sure they’re up to date with the latest firmware and they should be good then (still assuming they have a V2, and not a V3).

Thanks for clarifying that you have it on production with the latest firmware. Sounds like that’s a solution for OP then.

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