App not working for doorbell and wont refund extra plan they made me buy

this company is pure crap. app not even working and im not only one with this problem, was with texh support and was told to reinstall all and i did. problem is that it asked to make a payment for year and told me they will refund it but tbey wont. im paying for 2x cam plus but only have 1 camera.

also door bell still not working andnlinking to phone. Better off buying a ring product in this [Mod Edit] brand

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If you were forced to buy a subscription as you mentioned, will you please explain this, because that would be a bug that should get reported. I have a second account I have set up new cameras on and it has never forced to me get a subscription yet, so if it did this to you, I’d like to replicate it and pass on some feedback to someone at Wyze.

What part of your doorbell isn’t working? Can you live stream? Can you record motion events? Can you get notifications? Does the button work? Which doorbell model is it? What kind of problem with the doorbell are you having exactly? No power? Won’t complete setup? Does the status light even turn on?

If it’s the v2 doorbell, did you try with and without the chime controller? Did you try the alternate wiring instructions (there are a few rare chimes that require a slightly different setup)? What voltage is your transformer?

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