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I have been a beta tester pretty much since it’s inception. My primary monitoring device is an amazon Fire HD 10 7th Gen, OS ver I have a Netgear WiFi 6 router, & fiber internet service. My coverage & signal strength are excellent - smaller home. My issue is as follows: The app has a tendency to randomly default to the home page with no intervention on my part while monitoring my feeds. It does not happen that often, but often enough to be annoying, but most importantly, I consistently have a 15 to 30 second (sometimes more) video delay of my 5 feeds. All of my Wyze Cams have the recommended 32GB Class 10 micro SD cards. It doesn’t matter if I’m using event or continuous recording, or whether the feed is SD, 360P, or HD - when I bring my dog in after wiping her paws, I’m watching myself outside calling her in, or worse, watching her finish her business. The delay can, & often is, extreme. My question is; could it be the tablet I’m using causing these issues ?, or is it just something I have to live with as a beta tester - the app ? I’ve been considering leaving the beta program to see if that helps, but don’t want to loose my option to re-enter the program. Is anyone else experiencing these issues with the Fire 10 7th Gen ?, or does anyone know of a more Wyze app friendly device for monitoring, Additionally, can anyone tell me if there is a way to use both the beta & standard apps on two separate devices for comparison of stability ?. I also have the latest generation of the Fire 10 tablet. I have not fired it up yet. I am considering rooting it before using it. If anyone is using the latest stock firmware Fire 10 (the one with a USB “C” port), & is not experiencing these issues, please let me know. BTW, I am getting the “This app might not be compatible with your device” prompt on the Play Store Wyze beta app page. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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First do this and never look back if you have not down this yet to kindle. the kindle is a android device base.

then download the wyze app.

I also download google voice to make calls on kindle.


Thanks for the quick reply, but that was the first thing I did; that’s how & where I got the latest beta ver 2.8.24. When you say Kindle, are you referring to the E-Reader, or an HD tablet ?. I know a lot of folks call any tablet or E-reader from Amazon a “Kindle”, which is an E-Reader. I do not own a Kindle, and was under the impression it is an application specific device that won’t do much other than downloading E-books for reading, or maybe playing music. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m considering trying the app on my new Fire 10 (2019 release) after disabling automatic updates - just in case updating it prevents rooting. If the app in the new Fire 10 is more stable, I will forgo the scary prospect of rooting, which I’ve never done. I’d feel pretty stupid if I ended up bricking my brand new Fire 10. I’m also considering trying it on a firestick with a real 22 inch monitor before going the rooting route, or maybe even installing an Android emulator on my desktop to use the app - I installed an Android emulator on my desktop years ago, and I have to admit most of them have so many options it boggles the mind. I’d much rather have stable Wyze app performance on either of my Fire tablets.

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I have the kindle 8HD with google play store to add Wyze and Nest cam on it.
The Tech mogul is not rooting it telling the kindle to tell it ok to use outside app.
You can do a factory reset if need. You will have 2 tablet in the price of one.
I made two folder to keep unused app. Amazon folder and Google folder to keep the screen clean.
I have Google search on because Silt browner some time have problem.
You will setup Alexa skill on the 10 Hd before fire stick.
The fire stick will use Alexa to show one camera at a time. If you need to see all camera is to use the kindle 10hd
Keep the name simple because Alexa hate long names.

Also download the Ring neighbors app to see what is happening in your area.


Thanks for the info, especially the Tech Mogul URL. I did install the Ring Neighbors app - did a bit of research first, and it appears to be safe, regardless of the fact that some folks think it’s an iteration of Facebook. I’m hoping someone else chimes in with info regarding the stability, and video delay issue of the Wyze app on the new 2019 version of the Fire 10 HD tablet, or if I could expect better stability using the non-beta version of the app. It would also be nice if someone could let me know if there is a way, other than using two separate accounts, to use both the beta & non-beta apps on two separate devices. It appears as though Wyze will only allow Beta testers to use the Beta app only.

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All the app in play store are safe. It the same apps you put on your android phone. So you have the true app from Wyze on you kindle 10 inch screen and not on a phone. The same app that would be on your phone apple or android.

What you see is what you get.
There is other software that may do what you want but you still dealing with the internet. Even Nest cam at the 5 sec delay. This is why you have the SD chip to get the whole picture.

I’m on IOS and using both Iphone and Ipad. I run Beta, other test apps and the production app on the same device with no problems that I think are related to that.
I don’t have any delays like you are describing under any version. I’ve used my Mother-in-law’s Android GreatCall phone with no issues.
Have you tried the usual reboot of your router? Also, try assigning your router to one of the non- over lapping channels like 6 or 11. You could have some issues with neighboring WiFi’s.

If you feel need to see what channel you on is look in to play store for a wifi analyzer app. It will show all the router around you and all the channel. The Kindle is 2g and 5g. Once you finish using the app then you delete it.

@kroq83 is right about the analyzer apps, but I would suggest trying the channel assignment also. Even if you can see the surrounding wifi you don’t know if and when they are interfering. Also possible, although not very likely, is a neighbor wifi that has chosen not to broadcast SSID.

I used the analyzer apps because I had a nest cam that would fail during the day.
The new router has 5g and all the nest cam are on 5g.

I’ve used them a lot trying to figure out Wifi problems with my ATT Pace combination box. Then I realized the problem was my ATT Pace combination box. Switched to an Eero Mesh system and life is good.

krog83 & tomp,

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I’ve been using the WiFi Analyzer app for years, and given the typical internet activity in my area, determined non- overlapping channel 1 is my most reliable choice w/the least amount of interference. I will say this, the app & feeds are most stable after a router re-boot. It just does nothing for the delay problem, and the stability I get from the re-boot just doesn’t last - a day at best. I’m going to install a timer to give a 10 second power down reboot every day around 3am or so. In the meanwhile, I’d love to know how you (tomp) were able to install both the beta & standard apps on the same device. When I go to the Play Store, the only options I have are to uninstall, or leave the beta program, which I’d really rather not do. Is there an apk I can use to sideload the standard app to my Fire 10 2017 device ?, or did you use some other method ? At this point I’m thinking it might be best to just give the new Fire 10 2019 version a try, since it is advertised as being faster than it’s predecessor. Both versions are dual band; 2.4 & 5 GHz, I use the 5GHz band for any of my connected devices that can use it because I have so many 2.4 GHz smart devices. It would just be nice to know if anyone else has had better results using the 2019 version before I do that - still reluctantly considering rooting it 1st. One last thing - Does a WiFi signal actually have a greater chance of interfering with another signal just because it is not broadcasting it’s SSID ?, if so, that’s news to me.

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You are fighting for your airspace. I have a camera where it 32 feet ladder to get to. At time of day a stronger wifi kills it. With the having 5g now the camera have no problems.
The Kindle to me is the one like in Star trek tablet.
Just give some time to learn the Kindle. It is nicer to use then a cellphone search with. When I type I will use the laptop. The app in play store is not the beta. You need to become a beta tester. Also don’t turn off the updates. Amazon and google will update the app when needed.

This one is old school. Check to see that the Kindle is using local wifi and not a cell connection, that’ll add to the delay.
Then check your network settings on the Kindle, Make sure it’s NOT set to proxy.
Many providers love to sneak this in as part of the DHCP settings, they force a proxy to cache content so it will look like the connection is fast when it’s just loading cached data quicker.
Really messes with steaming live content.
Learned that one from the days of WhitePines…
(hint, if you get that reference you’re old)


Thanks for the input. It might help with my phone, but my main monitor device is a Fire HD 10 (2017). It is dual band WIFI only. I still have not tried my Fire HD 10 (2020) model yet, but after many failed attempts at installing a Kangaroo Security system today, I did come to the conclusion that WiFi power line repeaters just aren’t worth the trouble. I got rid of them in favor of using my old new Nighthawk AC1750 as a range extender; my main router (fed by AT&T’s old Arris gateway - fiber) is a newer Nighthawk WiFi 6 router. Setup of the Kangaroo security system went smoothly afterwards, and my feeds are more stable, but the delay is still there. I’d be hard pressed to believe no one else has used the Fire 10 as a monitor. Funny thing, but whenever I mention Fire 10 someone replies about a Kindle. I’m hoping the newer Fire 10 will solve the delay issue. I’ll keep you posted.

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I Googled “WhitePines” - A rustic log cabin resort / park established in 1927 ? - Never heard of it. I was born in Indiana -1953, and am just not that worldly. It looks like a beautiful place; did you get married there ?, or am I way off base ?.

Way off base, Cornel University in part White Pines, a.k.a. Cu-see-me program.
Basically it had to do with live streaming. Couple of which were the coffee pot camera and the soda machine.
During the early internet days when shotgun modeming came before dsl.
Internet providers would force a proxy in with the DHCP settings. The proxy was actually a cache server. Many providers today, especially satillite and cellphone, like to do that to make their service look faster. While it works for movies and other pre-recorded, live real time tends to lag.
Some browsers like Opera will build in a VPN that sends the user to a cache.
One way to tell is do a trace route.
That’ll show if it goes through any sort of proxy before it hits the wyse site or your camera.

I’m going to install a timer to give a 10 second power down reboot every day around 3am or so. In the meanwhile, I’d love to know how you (tomp) were able to install both the beta & standard apps on the same device. When I go to the Play Store

Two things x:

  • the magic words there are ’Play Store’. I’m on IOS and it just hasn’t been a problem. I actually use a couple other versions also and the biggest problem is that while they will simultaneously install and operate they also have the same name. Confusing.
    -Kudos to the timer reboot. I used that trick until I realized the solution was mesh. Check out the Eero. Relatively inexpensive, almost unlimited expandablity and the Wyze devices love it. I’m running 60+ devices now and no problems. Just installed it and turned off WiFi on my ISP box but use it as a modem.


It’s been a minute, but I thought it best to let you & anyone else who has issues w/connectivity &/or stability know that my problems were not with the Fire HD10 (2017 ver), but rather my WiFi. The intermittent loss of feeds, delays, and general annoyances were all due to an excessive device load on my AT&T gateway. It was not app/device compatibility at all. While awaiting a service call from AT&T to configure my gateway for passthrough mode (I spent countless hours trying) so I can use my new WiFi 6 router to do all the heavy lifting, I decided to give the tp-Link AC750 (RE220) range extender a try after reading a CNET independent test/comparison article of WiFi extenders. The tp-Link RE220 came out on top in speed & range and just happened to be the least expensive of all that were tested. Installation via WPS was super simple. This is a dual-band extender that actually works w/out creating problems. It creates its own network. In other words, if your main network SSID is ATT1234xx1, your new extra network will be ATT1234xx1_EXT - your password does not change. After splitting my six cameras into groups of 3 on each network, my problems have virtually disappeared. I have the extender located high in my garage closest to the three cameras using it’s signal. There is only one issue left to deal with until I get my WiFi 6 router up & running, HEAT. Gonna have to DIY a fan unless I get that service call before summer. There are no temperature specs in the RE220 manual, just a note: “Avoid operation in high-temperature areas”. I know my garage temperature can easily exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit during our mid-western summers.
I hope this helps someone else facing the issues I had.