App Dark Theme/Mode

Just fix this white background [Mod Edit] is horrible.

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Glad to see yesterday’s iOS update with dark mode. I will not criticize since I was in this thread earlier asking for a partial, buggy implementation sooner rather than a perfected implementation later. While the developers work further on it, I just ask for an “Auto” mode instead of only offering Light and Dark in the settings. Please just allow the app to use whatever the iOS-wide system settings are!

  • Running Android 10 with Dark Theme enabled
  • Override Force Dark in Developer Mode ON
  • Wyze app 2.44 advances

Definitely happier :eyes: balls.

Still to be shaded:

  • Account landing page
  • Event List - Event Description (to the right of the thumbnail)
  • Flash (but not least) :slight_smile: :point_down:
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Started playing around with dark mode and so far, with it’s limitations, looks good. You can only access it when you open the app and then go to view mode on a camera. If you try to setup a widget for a particular cam to get instant view for it, it will still come up with the white screen. I was trying to create widgets for each cam to avoid having to open the app and avoid all white screens, but it didn’t work. Hopefully the dark mode will work throughout the app soon.

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just make the same theme across all the apps in a beta version of the app, I’d love to give feedback based on that. Only dark mode in streaming page is pretty stupid, how do you suppose we get to that page in the moddle of the night, through home page, which is still white…



Wow. I have been gone a while. Just needed to tune out this Summer.

Glad to find Dark Mode on a couple screens.

It’s a great start.

Thank you.


I’ll second that… Now, for the main part of the app… *fingers crossed

(unwilling to hold breath or anything more than figuratively crossing my fingers at this point)




Latest update from the AMA:


WyzeDS, Please Just fix the opening page (android) it is the most needed and most offending.

Opening the app at night to see all cameras is blinding




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I have an iPhone and once Apple came out with the dark mode I tried it once and I will NEVER go back to the non-dark mode. Please have dark mode available for the app and widgets!!

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[blink color=“red”]They don’t care if it blinds us, they’re focused on making WiFi toilet seats![/blink]

ROFL, even their formatting the state we can use doesn’t work… anyways, I’m going back to talking to the wall about other things they should change if anyone needs me.

They had ample time to update it, instead the focus was on more products, which of coure, require more archaic code for the app modules.

Now the hole has deepened as the coding glitches and security flaws have helped drive many of us to other companies.

Wyze, i feel your pain, unfortunately it is self inflicted.

We gave you the insight as to how the long promised “Vaporware of app V3” would satisfy the many. We are now part of the many dissatified.

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I found this screen annoying but luckily I don’t go there often. Who thought of a white font on a light background should be severely beaten. I look forward to a complete dark mode.

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Deep down, I appreciate the work on the dark theme. It has to be done, and I’m 63% sure that someday, for a brief moment, the app will be stunningly beautiful. But mostly, my mind is boggled by the fact that this has been so excruciatingly, agonizingly, absurdly, comically slow. Every year that passes (happy birthday to this five year old topic!) while having to gaze into the blinding white light of some part of the Wyze app, a small part of my brain is lost to insanity. Boing.


Cancel your subscriptions until it’s done. I have a whole set of replacement cameras that I bought for myself last Christmas, just haven’t found the time to swap them out. Hmm, we have something in common :-/

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Hello everyone,

Nathan here from the Wyze team! We’re excited to announce an upcoming extension of our dark theme feature, which will now include the home page and event list. While we want to clarify that this update doesn’t constitute a full app-level dark mode due to certain constraints, we’re confident that these enhancements will significantly improve your experience with the Wyze App.

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new themes. Your input helps us better understand your preferences and ensures that we are aligning with your expectations. Feel free to share any suggestions or thoughts you have, as they are crucial in our ongoing efforts to refine and elevate your user experience.

Thank you for being a part of our Wyze community!


LFG! So excited for this personally.