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Just fix this white background [Mod Edit] is horrible.

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Glad to see yesterday’s iOS update with dark mode. I will not criticize since I was in this thread earlier asking for a partial, buggy implementation sooner rather than a perfected implementation later. While the developers work further on it, I just ask for an “Auto” mode instead of only offering Light and Dark in the settings. Please just allow the app to use whatever the iOS-wide system settings are!

  • Running Android 10 with Dark Theme enabled
  • Override Force Dark in Developer Mode ON
  • Wyze app 2.44 advances

Definitely happier :eyes: balls.

Still to be shaded:

  • Account landing page
  • Event List - Event Description (to the right of the thumbnail)
  • Flash (but not least) :slight_smile: :point_down:
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Started playing around with dark mode and so far, with it’s limitations, looks good. You can only access it when you open the app and then go to view mode on a camera. If you try to setup a widget for a particular cam to get instant view for it, it will still come up with the white screen. I was trying to create widgets for each cam to avoid having to open the app and avoid all white screens, but it didn’t work. Hopefully the dark mode will work throughout the app soon.

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just make the same theme across all the apps in a beta version of the app, I’d love to give feedback based on that. Only dark mode in streaming page is pretty stupid, how do you suppose we get to that page in the moddle of the night, through home page, which is still white…

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Wow. I have been gone a while. Just needed to tune out this Summer.

Glad to find Dark Mode on a couple screens.

It’s a great start.

Thank you.

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