App Dark Theme/Mode

Please bring Dark Mode ASAP! My eyes are needing it!


The word “soon” is overused and useless. I have heard soon for years now.

Bring on dark mode with a definitive word.


Sorry but I write software. This is not a lot of work.

That is correct that normally, without a lot of design debt, it would not be a lot of work. The problem in this case is that the way the Wyze app was structured initially makes this different than most of us with programming experience are used to designing it (I have also done some software design/programming). The foundation of the app created a huge design debt situation and won’t easily allow them to add layout toggles to allow someone to simply switch all of one layout to all of another back and forth depending on each user’s own preference. It was not designed effectively that way from the start is part of the problem.

This is actually not extremely uncommon for apps that weren’t initially well-structured or modular, making different parts of the app not easily separated from each other which can make it hard to change colors of the app without affecting other parts of the design… Also when there are a lot of custom colors in a large and complex app, some of them may be hard-coded or scattered color values and variables, it can end up being a nightmare if it wasn’t organized well from the start. Anyone who has software or programming experience can attest what a nightmare it can be to pick up and look at someone else’s spaghetti code if they didn’t document it well or organize it well from the start. In some cases it can even feel almost impossible. We definitely can’t say it’s simple to do this when we haven’t seen the code. I have seen code that would make this almost impossible to do without starting from scratch. Then, Wyze especially being an app that uses a lot of video and images, this is known to make things more difficult too especially with unoptimized or incompatible images, icons, and shadows, potential contrast, saturation, brightness of colors, and accessibility issues. I know the foundation of the app started with a lot of third party code, and that they have also integrated some Open source code. Some of it is likely not well documented since I’m sure they weren’t initially planning on becoming so large. From what I have read from some of the engineers, I take it that there are inconsistent or outdated UI components, styles and patterns playing into this issue. Who knows all the countless other edge cases that could be involved here that I have read about other companies struggling with in similar situations. They could be facing some or all of these challenges, or others that I didn’t even outline. All we know is that they have said they really want to do Dark Mode, and the Founders have talked to the devs, and the devs had an AMA about the issue too, but they keep explaining that the design debt has made it more complicated than most people understand and they will have to convert partial modules at a time now without an option to toggle between layouts, at least until they can refactor the codebase, update their UI components and retest the app. It’s not that they can’t convert to dark mode (they are doing so), it’s just that it takes time to work through each module.

However, the good news is that they have started transitioning parts of the app to be dark mode anyway. People who prefer light mode won’t get to use that anymore though. Wyze has already converted several products’ individual UI’s to be dark mode compliant and they just barely announced that the latest beta app has been updated to convert the Events tab to dark mode:

And they have told us that more is on the way as they take the time to convert the individual modules over to dark themes. So they are working on it little by little.
We’re certainly all anxious for more to get converted over ASAP.


It appears that Wyze is designing to allow a choice of Light or Dark across the app:


Good to see! Is that screen shot from the Beta version?


Yes, dark mode is currently undergoing beta testing for select Wyze screens and app areas. Hopefully to be expanded soon across the app.


Specifically, you open your event list and are blinded at night, then if you could see you’d see the edges of the event are in black.

This does however allow for viewing one select event from the notifications directly into a dark mode, but all the others of course disappear and have to be viewed in the blinding list mode.

It’s at least the old college try I guess…

Still wish they’d just invert some colors temporarily while they work on the redesign, or just do a standalone app for cameras as not a ton of people are using their other stuff in middle of the night so dark mode isn’t a big deal.

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Agreed were moving into 4 year territory and all they did was complicate the whole process by not tackling the redesign early on. Now they’ve added a dozen or two modules. If not more, for new products based on the same archaic coding system.


Yelling in All caps is my equivalent to enduring blinding white backgrounds with pale text. Just plain DUMB.


Oh wow! I thought they previously indicated that it would have to be hard-coded in this version of the app, instead of selectable. I am glad they are actually figuring it out enough to make it a toggle!
I’m still waiting for the Beta update to show up on Google Play, so I haven’t been able to see it yet :sob:


Strange that it hasn’t shown up after 3 days! :thinking:

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Yeah, it is annoying, but it’s not uncommon for Google…App review times fluctuate, but it is not unheard of for it to take 7 days or longer in exceptional cases:

Certain apps may be subject to expanded reviews, which may result in review times of up to 7 days or longer in exceptional cases

This is especially true for complex apps like Wyze has…particularly since Wyze has a store with broth products and subscriptions and Google has to make sure that’s all functioning properly for their cut of the profits. Open testing app release approval times SHOULD normally be like 1-2 hours, but for Wyze it seems Google often executes one of their “expanded reviews” which makes this happen to Wyze a lot. App Devs always have the option to do “timed releases” (wait until an app is approved and then schedule a specific release time), but I prefer the current method over that. Time Release options have the benefit of being able to release the app at the same time you announce it, but overall it is just increasing the delay because you still have to wait for the approval, and then it stays paused until you schedule the release which means that while the users won’t know it was delayed longer, it still was delayed longer, and I don’t like that. I’d rather Wyze do things the way they have…announce that they released it and to be on the lookout and that we’re just waiting on Google to approve the release now.

Apple seems to be a little more reliable with their app release approval timeframes.

I am very anxious to add a little more dark mode to my app, and it will be nice to try the offline notifications too.

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I meant to say, strange that it hasn’t shown up for “you” after 3 days! :grin:

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Beta update with partial dark mode on play store was live a few days ago


Oh man! This is the 3rd time in the last 2 years that Google didn’t give me access to a beta update when everyone else got it. :sob: I thought everyone on Google Play was still waiting for it. Ah well. I might go blind while I wait, but I’ll live…

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They must want their customers to get murdered when they use their app at night.
Why else light up the darkness like the surface of the sun, showing my exact hiding place when I’m trying to out smart the bad guys?
They want dead customers.

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Sure would be a bad business model, but likely.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: Your comment took me out.

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Heh, that gives me an idea…here’s my personal updated version of your hypothesis:

They must want their customers to get murdered [by their spouse] when they use their app [in the middle of the] night.
Why else light up the darkness like the surface of the sun, showing my exact hiding place [in the bed next to my spouse] when I’m [just] trying to [make sure the] smart [alert wasn’t actually] the bad guys?
[I think it’s just a devious Wyzepiracy (Wyze-conspiracy) to make us sleep deprived, more on edge & emotional, & mad at each other so we’ll all split into separate homes and need to buy all new Wyze stuff again so they can double the profits!]



My dark mode experience came…and went. Very frustrating.