App Dark Theme/Mode

Wyze App Dark Mode for the app not videos

Why is there not an option in the iOS Wyze app
to turn on Dark mode? I’m not talking about video settings I’m taking about the White background for the Wyze app it’s hurting my eyes every single day makes me not want use the app I’m literally feeling pain in my eyes everyday because of the white background in the Wyze app. I see you have an option for Dark Mode in the forums but not the iOS Wyze app really please add DARK MODE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. For the Wyze App :pray:t3:


What is taking so long to add dark mode are you guys at Wyze that broke? you can’t afford to make the Wyze app background black instead of white if eye! go blind because of the white background , sorry to say I’m suing. Please add this feature. It’s a shame 5 years past since this post & still developers don’t care to make it an option to turn dark mode on for the Wyze app. Pisses me off every day my eyes feel like they begin to burn & melt browsing through the app. :woozy_face:

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I asked about this in the thread for tomorrows AMA that includes Wyze’s Principle Software Engineer!

Dark Mode specific question:
(edit: corrected link the correct question)

General Question about WHY is it hard to implement some of these feature requests in the app:

Will let you know what the App Engineer says on the topic.


There were several Answers that mentioned Dark Mode or were directly related to the App Layout difficulties that caused this to take so long. I’m posting a copy of all those answers here for those who don’t use Reddit but still want to know what Wyze most recently had to say related to this Dark Mode topic as of this week:

If you want to check out the original sources, you can go here:

Jason also posted and update about Dark Mode here in the forums:


Thank you for the comprehensive update. It is nice to see some official movement. However, I must say a company needs to be thinking of priority that customers want not their internal priorities. If your user base is demanding a feature, eventually “like me” we are going to stop buying new products till we get what “we” the “subscribers” want.

In my humble opinion, Wyze should focus absolute all available power towards the app redesign. As they said it is their business card. It represents the company to everyone no matter what product we own. Top three things I believe should be fixed immediately:

  1. Dark Mode (or system theme adoption)
  2. Landscape Mode across all environment
  3. Get rid of the stupid support icon that has to be moved to use any screen function. It is always in the way.
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Thank you for asking the question you did and for summarizing all the other questions and answers related to dark mode. It is VERY MUCH appreciated!


You talking about the floating support button on the BETA app? Have you clicked the toggle for showing the “support log button” in Account → App Settings?

Yup. That stupid icon. The setting doesn’t stay persistently, it is always popping up even when toggled off.

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Ok, so its not that it needs to be removed, its that the current app function to remove it by the users choice doesn’t work all the time.

This sounds like a bug, as opposed to a new function, and i would recommend maybe submitting this for a “Fix it Friday”. Contacting Support may not be the correct avenue for this since it is a beta issue. I would also make a reply to whatever beta app version release post you use stating that the “Submit app button” toggle setting doesn’t persist.

Hi everyone! This is Nathan from Wyze! We value your opinion! We’re excited to introduce some new features to enhance your camera experiences and event details on our app. One of the key additions is the dark theme and light theme switch, allowing you to personalize your viewing experience. We want to clarify that this is not a comprehensive app-level dark mode due to certain limitations we currently face. However, we still believe this feature will significantly improve your interactions within the camera and event detail pages. We would greatly appreciate your feedback on these new themes to better understand your preferences and ensure we’re meeting your expectations. Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us so that we can continue to refine and enhance your user experience. Thank you!


Hey Nathan

Great to see the progress coming into view! My concern remains:

Is this fixed? :slight_smile:


Looks great to me! :+1:

I’m already using forced native dark mode under Android at night, but would much prefer dark mode at the Wyze app level:


I think your “View MicroSD Card” and “View Live Stream” buttons could be slightly darker, like this:


It’s not fixed in current beta, but perhaps nyuan can sneak it in to their dark mode build?


For those who don’t have Discord, he posted a video example, but it was too big for the forum to host the video file, so I have converted it to a file size that will work in here and will post it so the rest of you can see it here too. I figured some of you would appreciate being able to view it as well:




Never miss a chance to sneak this in: :slight_smile:

:point_up: Notice the dark mode.


Looks good and hopefully ready for deployment soon! I would gladly take a “This feature is in beta status” message or have it be opt-in just to have something in the meantime as opposed to 24/7 light mode.


Yeah, I’d gladly take a buggy version instead of searing my retinas every morning…



It Would Be Great if the Wyze App had a Dark Mode Screen Option …Thank You


keeping this thread active because why there isnt Dark mode is beyond crazy for Android!