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This thread was started Nov 2018. Talk about ridiculous. This forum is where they hot potato users that NEED results. This is where they’ll never GET them.

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It’s obvious they don’t care to even attempt it there hasn’t been a simple beta test put out there. 3 years ago I joined the beta program hoping that it would give me an opportunity to be helpful and getting this off the ground, I even bought a new phone so I can get the benefit of the developers dark mode, only available in the higher version of Android. Developer mode broke other apps so I had to tun it off, the only good outcome is I came up with a better phone!

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At this point I’ve begun ordering from Eufy and LYFX for bulbs, Wyze, as much as they claim they listen to their customers, clearly don’t care about user feedback and only look to make newer devices for a quick buck while completely ignoring the feedback from fans to make their devices better. There are a number of highly voted features that people want from 3+ years ago that have still not been updated with even the slightest of news. Many of the most basic features that people want are not found on this app but are day 1 features on others? Like what? lol.

Why even bother having a “wishlist” form if the MOST highly requested features have been ignored for years?! It’s clear Wyze was built with cheap in mind which answers a lot of questions. Something as simple as a Dark Mode has proven to be all to difficult for them so it’s time to invest in a competitor.


I’ve repeatedly tried driving these points home but they seem immune to the logic of it.

They’re driving people to their competitors.

The way I see it 98% of Wyze’s problem is their refusal to create a more versatile app.

I tried bringing up the deficiencies of the app on one of their Facebook pages, and was harassed by members daring to go there.

I was told “I expect too much” and that “I was only a customer because they had cheap hardware, and it was outrageous to ask for more functionality.”

I quickly told them to all f-off exited the group.

I too will not be buying anymore I think I’ve had my fill.


3 Freaking years!
Is this forum a joke? Are we all wasting our gripes and dissatisfaction on a feature (DARK MODE) so prevalent in most any decent apps and none in authority responds? Do the moderators of this forum even bring our incessant request to management? Does product-management ever respond, or do they still blame their shortcomings at the risk of quietly luring away their loyal customer base? Does anyone read these postings? 3 Years… 3 years

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FYI, latest news - Wyze addressed Dark Theme in their latest Fix-It Friday thread:

let us know when the baby is old enough to flip the light switch. this is how long we have all been waiting to WYZE to code dark mode.

The question would be…is the desktop version in …dark mode?

I am waiting for the “blu-tooth dark mode glasses” to keep me using this app in a dim lighted room

Oh yeah so instead of staying home during covid like everybody else and taking care of to-do lists, they focused on adding more products and making the app transition more complex for themselves to fix.

They could have come out of hibernation like shining stars…

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Moderators are not Wyze employees and don’t bring product requests to Wyze management. Moderators are Wyze users who volunteer to moderate this user-to-user forum. Wyze product managers rarely post on this user-to-user forum, but I guarantee they read wishlist topics and replies. Wishlist topics and use-case replies are your avenue to help drive new product development and existing product enhancements. #Roadmap items are examples of user-submitted wishlist requests that have been accepted, are being developed or have been launched by Wyze. Wyze Customer Support interaction, Fix-It-Friday, Wyze Discord chat, Beta participation, and log file submissions are your avenues for making existing product defects known and resolved.

No comments from Wyze and no change in Wishlist status is not an indication that Wyze is turning a blind eye towards requests. Wishlist topics frequently move from the Wishlist category directly to Roadmap launched with no status change or announcement in between. Maybe this is for marketing reasons, I don’t know. Moderators do not have the ability to help push requests along or obtain status and timelines for product development. While this reply doesn’t ease your frustration over the lack of dark mode, I hope it helps somewhat clarify the purpose and value of moderators, wishlist and roadmap. Your voice, no matter how small you think it is, is important and the wishlist, this forum in general and other forms of Wyze customer engagement is miles above what Wyze’s competitors provide.


I personally see this latest response as a huge positive.

  • Wyze discussed Dark Mode
  • Wyze mentioned they were previously looking into having Dark Mode implemented into a potentially upcoming redesign of the app
  • The phrase “so we don’t have a time estimate for it” implies it is still on the table and acknowledged it is likely going to happen at some point (despite not being something absolutely critical for anything to actually function…it’s more of a luxury convention…one that I LOVE, but it’s still a highly demand thing and so we’ve got it still being looked at)
  • Wyze acknowledged there is a lot of ongoing community support for this still (that they are listening and paying attention to the desire here) and that they will “make sure that these features [such as dark mode] are often added to conversations internally.”

That all sounds like a huge win to me at least. I am glad we’ve been acknowledged and heard. I use dark mode on everything possible that offers it, so believe me I am really supportive and want this as badly as anyone else.

I have long suspected that the main problem was design debt…that configurable layouts were incompatible with the foundation the app’s been built on contrary to the more modern standard. It is good to get confirmation that the problem is indeed design debt. And that Wyze says here publicly for the first time that they do have an initiative they started working on to revamp the App to be able to support all these other improvements. That’s exciting to me. They honestly gave us some good info here IMO. Yeah, it’s definitely not going to be here in an update tomorrow…they have to rebuild the app from the ground up…and despite that, they didn’t say “therefore we can’t and won’t do it because it will be too much work” but instead said "we’d love to this, we started working on it before and we will resume bringing this back up in our conversations about how to improve things like we planned before. I find this answer to be very reasonable from a business standpoint given the constraints of design debt and the amount of work it is going to take to build everything back up better.


I appreciate your positivity and hope that supporting and waiting for 3 years for Wyze to update a feature is not apparent as long as tedious to you as it has been for many of us. Nothing personal here, it is obvious you are a happy customer like many of us. Our gripe (long turned into disdain) ought to keep a ray of hope…but come on! 3 freaking years!!!


It’s been tedious for me also and it hurts my eyes looking at most of the Wyze app at night. Almost everything I use on my phone and tablets has dark mode. I know it’s coming… you can see it s-l-o-w-l-y evolve as some of the new modular parts of the app roll in for new devices. I’m glad this forum has dark mode or I wouldn’t be able to read it for more than an hour. pulldownsunglasses


Yeah, I totally hear you. In perspective, while a few Camera and IOT companies do have dark mode (Nest and Ring finally got around to it after YEARS AND YEARS of complaints), a lot of other camera and IOT companies (let alone any others apps in general) also lack dark mode with all their customers complaining about it adamantly for years too (including Eufy…which I also have, and many, many more). I think that more and more, including Wyze, will start to support it since it is becoming a much greater conventional expectation. There are still a lot more apps that don’t support dark mode than those that do, but I’ve been witnessing a big cascade of support toward dark mode as others feel the pressure toward this since 80-90% of users report using some form of dark mode now, despite the vast majority of apps NOT supporting dark mode…that is a huge disparity and developers are going to feel the pressure.

So, even though I use dark mode on everything I can and strongly prefer it and push for it with all companies (including Wyze), I guess I am able to stay emotionally solid on the issue for now because I’ve seen how much effort and how long it’s taken to get even the biggest companies to feel the pressure, and the impact that ripple effect is having in the industry. I believe it’s something that is going to pressure almost all companies in the near future (I mean, 80%-90% of Android users report intentionally use dark mode of some kind). I’ve been pushing this with tons of companies for MANY YEARS now, not just Wyze and it is equally daunting with the majority of them, so I am not taking it personally from this single company, which has at least acknowledged the demand, and even started making efforts. That’s a huge difference from almost all the others who ignore it, openly refuse it, or don’t care what anyone thinks at all. I’ll take the positive progress because in my years of experience fighting for dark mode this is one of the most positive signs that the cascade and conventional pressure is going to win them over. So yes, I’m very optimistic. Most companies took years and years of a lot more pressure than this before they finally gave in to dark mode. :slight_smile:

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I see it as a positive. Huge, not so much.
At least they are still talking about it. They haven’t really progressed since the last time Wyze acknowledged the issue 2 years ago.

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I agree with this too. Sure it’s a positive that they are still talking about these features but it seems like we are still another some odd years before any of the most requested and basic features will be added. It’s a shame because it doesn’t seem like there is much of a team to work on these features. Looks like most of them are focused on developing new products while putting some of the features that we want on the back burner. This “wishlist” looks to be something to boost customer moral when in reality a large chunk of these requested features will never be implemented.

Yes I agree there’s a huge appeasement effort going on without any real attempt to resolve for us customers.

What I find most disheartening at this point is all of this new “product development” they just keep adding more and more modules to an already deficient software package.

I sincerely believe they are digging themselves a deeper hole with every new product release in every new added software module.

If they would have resolved the software issue from the earliest point on or at least during the worst covid days, I would be inclined to buy so many more products from them and I’m sure many of you would say the same.

A thousand times, YES!

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Dark Mode Please?

No one wants to use light mode anymore. Just saying.