App/Camera freezes everyday around 2pm

Have had Wyze cams for almost 2 years. Have worked pretty well. Recently, my front porch camera feed “freezes” everyday around 2 pm - 230pm. I have the iPad on my desk with the app open, monitoring the live feed. One day, I noticed that the mail had arrived and I didn’t see the mailman, nor did I get a notification. I looked at the app to see that the time stamp had stopped a couple of hours before. What I was watching was a frozen screen from hours ago. I’ve been checking it every day for the past week or so, and it freezes around the same time every day. I have no clue why. I’ve been using my Android phone as well, and it’s been working fine. Looks like the “freeze” is an IOS thing. Any suggestions? I’ve done the re-start, etc.

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Is the iPad running one or more special processes in the background at that timeframe?

Not running anything at all (to my knowledge).

What’s weird is that it happens around the same time everyday. I’m going to start writing down the exact time to compare day-to-day… not that it’s going to solve anything…LOL. I have 7 of these cameras, and they have been acting up lately… connecting/disconnecting… saying they are powered down, only to come back on by themselves. I’m thinking it’s a firmware thing, but, who knows? Thanks for your input!

I have had the same issue on my ipads. Both 6th and 7th gen ipads would freeze around the same time every 12 hours. No issues on Android app so I swapped them out. 7th gen was brand new and installed as a dedicated camera monitor.

Thanks for your input. I think I’m going to go strictly with an android device for now for camera monitoring while I sort out the IOS issue. Thanks again!

Had this exact problem on my iPad too. Using the cam as a baby monitor so it freezing overnight has become an issue!

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I googled this issue. Several posts suggested to … (on the iPad) at the same time, hold down the power button and the Home button for 10 seconds. They referred to it as a “hard reboot”. I tried it and it seems to have corrected the issue. My app hasn’t frozen since. Not sure what caused the freezing in the first place, though.

Did you figure anything out? We are having the same problem and I can’t fix it

Hello! Keep in mind, I am not a computer expert or a Wyze Cam expert. I’m just sharing a process that has worked for me and might help you.

I was able to correct the camera freezing issue by doing what is called a “hard reboot” on my iPad. The hard reboot is done by holding down (at the same time) the iPad’s Home Button AND the On/Off Button for about 10 seconds. The iPad will restart. and hopefully the issue will be resolved. It is possible for the freezing to happen again - after all, it happened once, so there is something causing it. So, you may have to repeat the process. I check the camera several times throughout the day to see if the clock is running. If it is, there’s no issue. If the clock is stopped, then I would suggest another reboot. Hope this helps.


We didn’t. We just swapped tablets & now use an android/Amazon Fire Tablet to view the Wyze cam feed vs. the iPad.

Was having the same daily disconnect after 12 hours. We use one of our cams as a front door video feed.

We tried everything even downgrading to older wyze firmware but still the issue persists

Then we found an rtsp defang firmware but found it to be buggy. Then stumbled upon the wyze rtsp firmware.

We have a winner. Using an IP viewer the feed does not freeze after 12 hours. Plus we can still use the wyze app. I spent WAY to much time on this but am happy we found something that works for us!

Hope that helps someone

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Very glad to hear it! And I know how you feel! Thanks for posting the victory! :smiley:

Please fix this. I am experiencing the same issue and using an IP viewer or other solution outside of the iPad app is not possible or desired.

Hello Adrianw… I’m not a computer expert or a Wyze Cam expert, but I can tell you what has worked for me. I used to have multiple devices monitoring my cameras at the same time. I was running 2 iPads and an Android phone. I was constantly getting errors, freezes, messages to reconnect, etc. I tried monitoring the cameras with only one device - my Android phone. I have had no issues since. My cameras are staying connected, no freezes.

Again, I’m no expert, but I’ve always seemed to have issues when using the iPads. The Android phone just seems to work better with my cameras. I did read somewhere that running multiple devices at the same time to view the cameras caused problems, so I decided to run just one device. So far, it’s worked really well. I just take my phone with me around the house and check the cameras that way.

I hope this helps!

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I think this is an excellent point. I have never seen an official Wyze response as to how many simultaneous streams their cams can support, nor have I specifically tested for it, but since it’s a peer to peer stream at that point, it can’t be but so many.

Yes, there was a great hashing over of the issue in the thread below, and probably elsewhere as well…

I have to retract my success story. The wyze rtsp firmware is still locking up after 12 hours using wyze app or 3rd party rtsp viewer. Also tried defang and it was even worse. No solution and I’m not buying and android tablet for this!

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Thanks for the update. Very sorry to hear it! :disappointed:

Have you done the “once every 12 hour” automatic reboot rule / scheduled action? ( I may have missed it if you did.)


While I appreciate your help, it’s not helpful in my case. I have a single Ipad that I use to monitor my cam and that’s all it is used for. Purchasing an Android device just to use my Wyze cam is an unacceptable “solution”. But again to you, thank you for your input, as the gesture is appreciated. Still waiting on a proper response from some expert on the Wyze team…

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My video freezes at 6:05 am. When I try to watch the video at that time, my app crashes and I have to restart. Happens at no other time of the day. No other video clip freezes the app. This happens for BOTH the Event video (cloud) and trying to watch playback from the SD card. Same time, Same thing happens. The WYZE app is closed overnight so it SHOULDN’T be pinging the camera unless there’s some privacy leak going on. Password protection is in place. No broadcasting is allowed. It’ just this time every day. Any clue?

Hi waywardson29 –

I have 6 Wyze cameras (a few outdoors and a few indoors). I have found that using an Android phone to monitor my cameras works best for me. It’s not perfect, however.

I had the most “freezing up” issues when I was using an iPad AND an Android phone at the same time (in different locations) to view my cameras. However, lately I have noticed the Wyze android app just closes for no apparent reason multiple times through the day and night. When I do notice it, I have to restart the app to see my cameras. It’s frustrating, but I don’t know what the cure is. I have to remind myself, “it’s just a $20 camera”. A couple of years ago, I purchased a rather expensive “power-over-ethernet” security camera with DVR, and it hardly ever worked properly. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.