App/Camera freezes everyday around 2pm

Google brought me here. I’ve been using the Wyze as a monitor for a while now. Many times, like described in the thread, everything looks fine until I notice the time stamp froze long ago. This is very inconvenient as I am using it to monitor my small children while they sleep. Most of the time a hard reboot gets my iPad going again, but it certainly does not fix the issue. This morning was the worst: I tried the hard reboot and the screen kept being frozen but it activated Siri every time. I really think Wyze needs to fix this bug!

Hi Lenrd - I haven’t had the freezing problem in awhile. However, with the latest firmware update, the lag time has increase significantly. I usually get a notification when the mailman comes. I check the camera and I can seen him getting into his truck and driving away. These days, I get a notification well after he has delivered the mail - about 2 or 3 minutes, maybe more. When I know someone will be coming to visit, I watch the live view of the camera to see them arrive. Lately, I will hear the knock on the door minutes before the camera view shows someone is at the door. Big time lag. These cameras are frustrating. I hesitate to update anymore, but I guess I have to. I think there are too many Wyze devices being controlled by the app, but what do I know. I wish the cameras could be kept separate from all the other devices. I’m currently looking at alternatives, but who knows if they are anybetter.

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Interesting! I just upgraded after weeks of ignoring the pop up message. I think like you said before, I try to remember that they’re cheap and aside from the bug, pretty great truly. Sorry to hear about the lag, looks like Wyze engineers have some work to do!

I found the indoor v2 cameras’ performance improved, the recording start time is almos right away for instance, but there are video clips that freeze almost everyday, some of them just have a picture instead of a video, these shortcomings didn’t happen before.