Annual Subscriptions

I would like to see annual subscriptions for Cam Plus, Cam Protect, and Home Monitoring without the need for having my payment details stored on your website. If one wishes to renewal at the end of the year, then they can re-enter their payment details. There are too many hackers trying to break into and steal sensitive data, and I prefer not to have mine stored in the cloud, however secure you make it.

Check with your Credit Card company. There are several that allow you to make a temporary “Virtual Card” number for free that can be set to only allow a certain amount to be used or you can make them a one time use thing. Then you make your purchase and the temporary card number is totally worthless right after that purchase. Nobody ever even has your real card number or anything. I do this a lot with my Citi card now, especially when a company requires I have payment info on file, even for something like a free trial.

Alternatively, you MIGHT be able to buy Wyze digital gift cards and do what you want that way.

I haven’t tried it so I am not 100% sure, and I have doubts since that page says it can only be used “to purchase merchandise on the Wyze Online Store” which may mean that service subscriptions are not eligible. Though it is possible that this is just outdated wording because the store and services used to be totally separated things, and I think they updated it now to allow subscriptions to be ordered at the same time as the products they go with. Maybe someone who has used the gift cards can tell us if it’s possible. I would assume it would be since some of us would like to buy a gift card to do something like buy a family member cam plus for their account.

Regardless, I’d highly recommend finding a credit card that allows you to make unlimited temporary virtual cards because this won’t be the last time this concern comes up. It’s nice to be able to use different virtual cards with every different site you buy something from, even if you don’t make a one time use thing, it is nice because if you only use each one for each different merchant, then you will always know exactly who leaked any of your information because that virtual card will have only ever been used for them and you’ll know who to blame. It’s also nice to have control over the spending limit or when it cancels too. =Highly recommended solution that doesn’t rely on every single business catering to your preference. This way you are the one in control, no trust required.

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I use my credit card more than my debit card. A credit card will give you better fraud protection as far as liability is concerned.

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Have you considered picking up a Pre-Paid Visa at about any store or gas station that sells gift cards?

Also, Annual Pre-Paid Cam Plus Subscription cards (as well as monthly and 3 month) can be purchased on Amazon.

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Oh yeah! GREAT option that anyone can do! :+1: I keep forgetting about visa gift cards since I have the Virtual card option. :man_facepalming:

I didn’t even realize they had cam plus cards! I must have missed that.

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