Can I buy a gift certificate for Cam Plus for someone?

I have a friend with a Wyze camera for whom I’d like to purchase a gift certificate for Cam Plus service,

Can this be done? I can’t seem to find anything.

You might look in to this. Definitely can be used for Wyze gear, but you may want to verify it can be used for Cam Plus. You are a good friend.


Cam Plus has automatic recurring billing either Monthly or Annually.

Welp, I just had an online chat with Support. I don’t know if there was a language barrier issue or it was just something not covered in their book of response scripts, but the support person advised in broken English that, no, “the Wyze Gift is only for the product”.

This is a customer irritant. There’s no clear path for them to make an easy sale in this situation. Maybe I’ll make a wishlist topic for the gift card to be able to be used for Wyze services, LOL.

I might be best to give your friend a gift card for more Wyze products. I read on the Wyze forum people having problems subscribing or renewing Cam Plus even when not using a gift card.

Cam Plus has automatic recurring billing either Monthly or Annually.

Barring a Gift card only working for products, there ought to be some way to purchase a credit to be placed on someone else’s account.

Amazon Wyze Cam Plus Pepaid 12 Month Subscription, WYZECP12

I believe it is a redemption card with an activation code that gets shipped from Amazon.

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Since services are connected to an Account maybe you could have your friend log into their account, order the cam plus for say one year and then you could add your payment info.?? Or it could be a disaster.
@SlabSlayer idea looks a lot better :grin:

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That Wyze gift card on Amazon is odd. It’s $28 for an annual Cam Plus subscription.

I believe the current annual Cam Plus subscription on the Wyze website is $19.99.

Unless I’m missing something?

You aren’t missing anything. My first reaction is that Jeffy has to pocket some $$ also.

But, some other things to consider: Not sold by Wyze but only by online retailers ( &, both $5.97\3mo, no annual available). It isn’t a digital subscription. It still ships to you or to them so there is still a shipping cost rolled in. Probably not a subscription that will auto renew since it is a prepaid activation card. To gift someone a subscription, it is the only easy solution since it is not bound to an account until activated.

Sometimes the easy solution costs more. Is your friend worth an extra $8?