Allow use of Amazon gift cards with Amazon Checkout on Wyze site

I recently noticed that wyze cam Black is not available on Amazon, yet is available on the is there a reason for this? I have an amazon gift card and would like to purchase a new wyze cam Black but unfortunately if you buy from the wyze website using amazon checkout, there is no option to use your amazon gift card funds.

My question is can you either allow amazon gift card funds to be used while purchasing from or at least add wyze cam Black as a product on amazon?

This is really two separate requests:

  1. Allow Amazon gifts cards during checkout on Wyze site
  2. Black camera on Amazon

This #wishlist topic will be about #1, Amazon gift card use on Wyze site. For #2, please hop over to the topic below and vote for and/or comment on it there:

Pretty sure a third party vendor sells on amazon not Wyze themselves.

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Wyze products sold on Amazon by either Amazon or Wyze Labs are authorized. Other sellers on Amazon are not. See this:


Please add the option to use your Amazon balance from your Amazon account. I already downloaded my gift card directly to my Amazon account, so I can’t use the gift card option or check balance option on checkout using Amazon Pay. So under payment method instead of using a credit card add a tab for your Amazon balance.

If you go to Wyze.Com, login to your account and shop from there, that option is offered. If you shop from the Wyze app, it is not. Why-I have no idea!
But I just tested it (and wound up placing on order!):


You are right up to this point. But if you go deeper into that option it only gives you your credit cards listed on Amazon or you can put a gift card number in. However if you’ve already downloaded your gift card into the Amazon BALANCE, it will not let you use your balance. So it needs to allow you to choose Amazon Balance as a payment method.
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You are correct. I realized that just about an hour ago when I was placing an order myself on Amazon. Suddenly dawned on me that I couldn’t have access my Amazon refund balance and other credit balances.
Thanks for the correction!

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I have an unused Amazon gift card balance leftover but Amazon doesn’t display any code associated with that balance. I was going to order some V3 cameras but can’t use the unused balance from the gift card and don’t want to charge them to a credit card. Bag it. I’ll wait til they’re available through the normal Amazon channel, or buy a different brand.