Android Wyze app working on Chromebooks

Honestly … the continuing ignoring of Chromebooks and Chrome OS is not only ridiculous but frankly arrogant.

NO one using Chromebook daily for work is going to enable Developer mode.

Your company spends thousands of dollars on development and production on all kinds of new devices and yet can not prioritize the ability to manage cameras and locks (surely the most selling devices and the most important to most people) in an OS that is used by more and more all the time (cost and ease of use)

You are deliberately ignoring a huge market here. I have many many of your devices and have waited since you introduced cameras for Chrome OS functionality. Yes i am one of the early buyers of your devices and have continued to purchase for years … patiently waiting.

NEST and RING both have apps that work in Google Play Store.

I can open either of them to fully functioning apps (hmm just like the ones on my iPhone) - wonder how they can do it but WYZE can not?

Its a matter of choice … as soon as i finish a major reno i am going to sell all of my WYZE devices and replace them with a brand that supports ALL platforms.

I made the choice to purchase Ring Floodlights and Ring Doorbells and Outdoor cameras when I added those to my house BECAUSE of no WYZE Chrome OS app. I am so tired of the excuses for non compatibility from WYZE.

Its obvious you dont care about losing customers.

I wont even start with the problems i had with adding CamPlus Unlimited and switching from Cam Plus Lite.

I manage customer and technical support at a software company and the cavalier attitude of 'oh we just dont have /cant do a version that will run on Chrome OS ’

honestly … that is [Mod Edit] you could do it.

Again why is it that RING and NEST each have apps that work on Chrome OS and WZYE says that cant do it?

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