Android Bug with Free Trial CamPlus License

Android App Version: 2.24.51

I loaded a new v3 Camera to test an Alexa Issue with routines. After successfully adding the Camera and all Firmware updates, I was informed of my 14 day trial license. Since I purchased the unlimited (99) camera Cam Plus License, I decided to remove the camera from the Trial and add it to the Unlimited list.

I clicked CamPlus in the Account area, circled on the image below:

Then went to the Trial License and tapped all over, it would not come up to unassign the camera.

I then started my iPhone went to the same location, tapped on the trial license and it came up and allowed me to unassigned the license and then I added it to my unlimited license Cam Plus location.

The Bug is that you cannot tap on a trial license in Android and remove it.


Thank you for posting this issue. Could you post more screenshot about what it looks like on Android when you went to the Trial License and unassign the camera? Thank you

Unfortunately, I don’t have any trial licenses to play with. However, I do have one more new Camera. I will hook that up tomorrow and then take screen when I try to remove it from the Trial License.

Sorry for the delay, but I will get you something by tomorrow.


Thank you very much!

I am having a similar problem. I am upgrading my Jetpack at my second home and connected an old v2 to it. Now it has a 14 day free trial that I can’t do anything with. CamPlus and data limits don’t mix.

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Clicking anywhere in the free trial box doesn’t do anything. In the past I would transfer the free trial to a cam at one of my other locations with unlimited data. I don’t remember there being a way to op out of it when you connect an old camera to a new router.


Thanks for posting this Pic. I was getting ready to load another camera to get the Trial License loaded. This is exactly what happened to me. Cannot click anywhere to remove or reassign the license. I had to use my iOS device to do it.

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@spamoni4 @doctormgh Thank you. Could you submit an App log for this issue and I will forward them to our developer. Thank you very much!


log id 301946

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Before adding my new Camera, I decided to check my iOS. I noticed the Cam Plus Trial is still there and able to accept a camera. However, this does not exist on Android. I am have an image of it below

This is what I see in iOS, notice the Arrow pointing to Trial License

This is what I see on my Android, notice no Trial Listed


Thank you so much. I have forwarded these two issues to our team


I just noticed that this thread is in the Beta app section. I am running the regular version.

I don’t believe there is a beta app at this time.

I confirm this issue as I am experiencing it too. I only have Android, so I am unable to remove the cam from the trial. That entire section is unresponsive to touch, and there is no dropdown like with the other subscription options.

I intended to switch the cam to one of my long term licenses (I have 105 full licenses for cam plus), so I wanted to switch it to one of those so I don’t have to do it later and set up all the detections again in a couple of weeks when the trial ends. It is not possible to do this through the Android beta though.

Someone suggested to me that if I have another device with another older version of the Wyze app, I could try to remove it from the trial that way. They were right, I used an older/different version of the Wyze app on another Android device and it allowed me to make the change. Therefore the problem is specifically with this version of the app GUI.

Lastly, when I deselected the cam from the trial and moved it to a full license, the trial just totally disappeared and is like it was deleted and doesn’t exist as an option anymore. It used to allow customers to switch the trial to a different cam, but now it just automatically deletes itself if the original cam is removed from the trial.

I know this issue was already forwarded on, I just thought I’d add my experience and findings anyway in case more is wanted later.


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