How to switch from Trial to Plus?

I already have the Unlimited Plus but my new cam was automatically put on the 14day trial.
How do I switch it so I don’t have to keep closing ads to pay for premium that I already have?


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Go to account> services and assign the camera to a license . It’ll take it off of the trial license and add it to the unlimited plan.

I just did this a few minutes ago and this is how I did it . Hope this helps !

2 options:

  1. wait until the free trial ends, then add the full license
  2. Delete the Cam off your account and set it back up from scratch. This time when you get that survey question about what you plan to use the camera for (outside security, indoor security, etc), don’t answer the question. Just close the app. Then open the app back up, and tada!:tada: No free trial locking up the cam & preventing us from adding a full license onto it. :slight_smile: You’re welcome.

I have to do number 2 everytime I set up a new cam because I also have Cam Plus Unlimited, so the trials are inconvenient since I already have a full license for it ready. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting it works for you. Maybe it’s an Android bug or something


I was able to assign the camera with a free trial to an annual license . It gave me a pop up saying this…

And I was able to assign the camera with the free trail license to the annul license with no issue . Is it different for the unlimited plan ?

I do not know. It’s possible it’s a difference with iOS vs Android, or they may have recently changed things, but in the recent past, a trial locked up the camera until the trial ended. It was very frustrating. Perhaps they resolved this since I’m sure they got a ton of support calls about it, and support calls all cost money, so maybe they’re changing it.


I can upload a video but the size isn’t acceptable . How do I reduce the size of the media so I can upload the video

#2 worked perfectly.


That’s great to hear! Thanks for the follow-up!