Amazon Delivery Man Shows Kindness to my Hopeful Cat - Wyze V3, VDB, & Eufy footage side-by-side

Our black cat, Kovu, loves our Amazon delivery guy saying hi to him. Kovu runs home hoping to catch his buddy on his way out, but today the package wasn’t for us. You see the delivery guy quickly consider whether to just hurry and get through his assignments for the day so he can get home earlier or to take a moment to be kind to a hopeful animal friend, and then choose to make our hopeful kitty so happy.

Kovu was recently hurt (bleeding on his head, and bruised paw). I think it’s safe to say this delivery guy is not a suspect after seeing this kindness to a hopeful black cat buddy.

The Eufy Indoor and Wyze v3 cams were behind our front window, so that is part of the reason they are not as clear as the Wyze Video Doorbell footage that starts in the middle…and the VDB is shown with double the space, but the VDB quality is normally superior anyway (extremely clear lens, etc). I did speed up a lot of the beginning and end of the video so it wouldn’t take so long. His whole interaction with cat up through getting to his van is normal speed though.

Interestingly, my Wyze VDB and Eufy both sent me notifications and thumbnails about this interaction, but my V3 never did this time, even though the event was clearly captured and correctly tagged on both Wyze devices:


Interesting that the VDB tagged both “Person” AND “Vehicle” while the V3 only tagged “Person” but not “Vehicle” despite the exact same vehicle being clearly visible in both. Anyone want to guess why the AI acted differently? The VDB is using the grid Detection Zone, while the V3 uses a box, but both stop before the perpendicular front sidewalk, so you’d still think they’d both be analyzed the same way (Wyze said they’re working on having the AI only analyze what’s inside the set detection zone, rather than the entire video…which could mean the V3 is set up to do this with the box detection zone, but the VDB is not with the grid detection zone?).


I can’t speak to your notification and tagging discrepancies, but what a cool video! Thanks for sharing this heartwarming event… that made my evening complete! hugs2


Yeah, very cool to get a “kindness alert” to watch someone being nice to our little boy.
It’s a good example of how not all notifications need to be about something “concerning” as we’re glad we got notified to watch this video too. :slight_smile: We were all away from home at the time too.

I wish my VDB would’ve started recording this a little sooner, like as the guy walked up the sidewalk, or at least when he got to the cat. It’s weird, because I swear it normally recorded earlier with others walking up to the house…but I turned up the sensitivity anyway (it was set at 50%, and I just upped it to 70%) to see if that fixes the issue for future videos to start recording sooner.

Man, that video Doorbell has such an awesome lens! If it supported an SD card I’d buy several more of them just to use them as normal cameras! They’re awesome.

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I have a video of my FedEx delivery guy setting a package on my patio and then giving the patio door window a friendly tap to say Hi to my dogs on the inside.

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There’s nothing bad you can say about an animal lover! I know these poor folks have a lot of pressure on them to deliver the maximum packages per hour. But part of their job is also to represent their company in the most positive light. It’s a small thing, but he’s making you (and your cat) happy to see him coming.

You should share this with Amazon if possible. These folks don’t get enough positive feedback. :+1:

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