Amazon Key Delivery

I ordered a few more cameras and things late on Sunday and later saw that the delivery would be done by Amazon. I thought wow cool perhaps in the future there will be a “key delivery” option.

Today something like 36h after I submitted my order I had an Amazon Key Delivery only there were 2 extra boxes and sure enough they were my Wyze order :+1:

I know the Amazon driver just delivered all the boxes together along with the Amazon package I ordered with key delivery BUT if in the future Wyze could add “Key Delivery” as an option that would be Great!

Also srsly 36h from order to delivery that’s just AWESOME so good job Wyze :+1:


I am really a fan of the Amazon Delivery as well! Wyze got a ton of complaints back when they used FedEx (not so) Smart Post. They took that feedback and made positive changes in their fulfillment and shipping process.

I would think that if you have Amazon Key In Garage Delivery set up thru your Prime account, any Amazon delivery, even those fulfilled and shipped by Amazon from a Wyze direct order should be Key deliveries since the fulfilment and shipment data are integrated with Amazon’s accounts database and should be tied to the physical delivery address. But that’s just my thoughts. Not sure if anyone has proof of that.

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Yes Amazon Key Delivery is my preferred method, even though I’ve never had anything bad happen other than the accidental delivery to a neighbor, it’s just nice knowing your stuff is safe from the wind and rain.

Unfortunately not everything is Key deliverable and there are generally options or statements when checking out stating what delivery options are available. I believe only some Amazon drivers have the special handheld device to allow access so it kind of depends.

Regardless I was just really happy to see my delivery in the garage :+1: and wanted to let Wyze know it would be a great option if they can do it.

Now my only issue is having to wait until the weekend to start playing.

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Thanks for the info on Key. I have never used it. I have an enclosed breezeway in the back with only storm doors so I have my delivery instructions set to leave packages inside the breezeway and not on the front steps. Amazon & USPS are awesome about following instructions, UPS deliveries are rare, but they seem to follow suit, FedEx refuses to even read them. I don’t know how they are even still in business.

Just wanted to add that although I had Amazon Key Delivery setup, I realized my garage space is so tight that unless I am mindful of having had deliveries, my boxes can easily get crushed. I ended up not choosing key delivery in my Amazon orders anymore.

So in my case I hope nobody would default to Key delivery just because it had been setup at one point. But it’s great to have as an option.

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