Amazon In Home Delivery Support

I know some of the people at Wyze used to work at amazon and I think this would be a great idea for Wyze.

@andrewasciutto… I moved your submitted topic to #ask-the-community for now because we could use some more info/explanation. Could you explain further how you see Wyze Cam integrating with AIHD? From what I’ve read, it seems that they use their own cameras and that specific camera is required to sign up.


Nope. Not me. :slight_smile:

Even if there is proof, that’s free entrance to your home for whoever for a certain amount of time.


Totally agree

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I was thinking that amazon could work with Wyze to support Wyze Cams for AIHD.

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That wouldn’t be a bad idea but idk about the liability aspect.

The issue is that majority of the delivery people are temp or 3rd party workers. If anything happens Amazon will not take responsibility and just put it on the small 3rd party company. They might be owned buy 1 or 2 people barley struggling to keep their small company alive.

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So, this is already something offered by Amazon. I think the original poster was asking about integrating Wyze cam into Amazon’s Key program. Currently, the Amazon Cloud Cam is the only one they support, since it’s the own hardware. It might be theoretically possible for Amazon to support third-party cameras for this, but that would require Wyze to have some kind of partnership with Amazon. It’s not something Wyze could add, per se.

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Where is this available. I have been a delivery person and never seen it. They only have the door lock. Amazon has a locker but no electronic lock.

Yeah, they don’t currently offer it everywhere. Bigger cities are more likely to have it.

You mean the ones in the lobbys of apt or the ones in 711s. I was suggesting a personal home locker with the wyze technology. Locks n sensors and cams.

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Amazon’s Key program is different than Amazon Locker. If you have an Amazon-approved smart lock, garage door opener, or car – AND if you live in one of the cities where they offer this service – they’ll deliver packages directly to your house, garage, or car. I think the Amazon Cloud Cam is required if they’re delivering to your house, but I’m not totally sure. It might be optional. Regardless. any of those things would require Wyze to have some kind of partnership with Amazon. It’s not really something Wyze could pursue on their own.