Amazon Delivery


I’m speechless, let my packages be mistreated like that. Luckily, I live in the country and went to school with most of the carriers around here.


Looks like someone who will soon be looking for a new job - or at least should be…


Please let us know what Amazon has to say about this!


Just three more steps. That’s all. Jeeesh!


It looks like they were proving a point.

Kinda looks like one of their outsourced drivers or temp drivers that has to take a picture that the package was at the door.

Yeah most likely.

How it should be done… Set the package down and ring the doorbell.


I didnt save my video of it, but my USPS lady has it down perfectly- She parks, walks the 60ft up the driveway while humming some song, gets to the porch- SMILES REALLY BIG pushes my doorbell, SMILES at the cam AGAIN really big, says ENJOY! and places the packages down gently then waves and goes off humming her song.
Some people like their jobs, some people need new ones.


The guy in the video is my favorite UPS driver ever. And I even had a roommate that was one. He stopped by my work earlier in the day to deliver some things there too. Hes the kindest and sweetest guy in the neighborhood too. Stopped long enough to chat about how things were going with me and everything. Even though he has no clue this video was shot nor where I live. So there is no bias. Im just a person in a position where he sees me everywhere in town… So hes gotten to know me. But I know for a fact he loves his job and does it to the best of his ability every damn day.

Another good example. Even keeping it good from the rain…

Same problem with UPS deliveries!

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It would be great to collect a few dozen of these and make a montage video of packages being manhandled.


Talk about a blood pressure video…

Anyone with low blood pressure wouldn’t have low blood pressure anymore.


So, all these UPS deliveries resulted in damaged goods? In other words, who’s harmed? (Not simply offended)


That’s a professional. Done quick and fast. But no damage.

Horrible. A few more steps. Jeez.

It’s really not that big a deal, he did hit the mat for two points, minus one point for rolling off. At the end of the day, most AMZN packages are over packaged anyways, and this little toss onto your doorstep is probably the least that your precious item went through from start to finish. Cool video though, interesting clip of human doing what humans do…

Funny enough, I don’t think the toss saved him any time anyways after having to stop and fidget with the stupid camera.


So the consensus of all this is it’s what humans do, let life be life. Yikes.