Mail Lady Takes Her Time Choosing Her Goodies

Please fix the upload if need be. Thanks.


Likely the generous nature of you, Ann, is so unfamiliar to the community of delivery people, that she can’t believe what she is seeing is real. You are truly a lady, m’lady.


Thanks, but that is my regular mail lady. She likes certain treats, so I try to make sure I put the ones she likes out there, too. I put some new stuff out there recently, so I think she was checking them all out. :grinning:


Even though she stood there looking at the goodies she still moves faster than the mail carriers around here (if they bother to show up at all). :frowning_face: The very rural area I grew up in N.Y. State had the same (1) mail carrier for 20 + years.

Haha, yeah I can imagine. She’s hard worker. Sometimes she will cover for someone else’s route. I’ve seen her in another area of town where I manage a mobile home park. My mother out in Calif has had the same carrier for a number of years, too.

You certainly do take care of your service workers! But, from their perspective, I’m wondering how they feel about being video recorded and posted to the internet without their knowledge. :thinking:

That’s why I only posted the 2 videos that didn’t show their faces. And only in here, not youtube. One of them once Looked up and hollered a big thank you.


Since the door opened slightly on how they feel, I don’t worry myself about how people any people feel about being recorded - in public. I do care about the law, but not about people’s feeling or if they are uncomfortable. Look around, really, look around next time you are outside. From the time you get in your car and back, I bet you have been recorded in/at 40-50 places, not 40-50 cameras, but 40+ places. Did you give your consent to any of those places to record you? …well, not YOU - you. But we, did we?

The point of this mini-rant, was simply to point out or remind us that we are not the only ones with cameras. Our eyes can’t be trespassed, hence if you can see it with your eyes, it can be recorded.

Being recorded is one thing… Especially when it isn’t in public and when it is on my private property.

Being published, however, is completely another.

Everybody loves the paparazzi… Don’t they?

Yeah, I am aware that there are cameras almost everywhere nowadays.

There’s no specific laws restricting publishing. Free Press. If its used for such purposes as “news” or to inform the public, the owner of the video does not need anyone’s permission. In general.

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