That is a good spot…

I’ll just throw this right there for ya… yea, that’s a good spot.


I got free flowers yesterday via FedEx. I took the box inside and looked at the card, It said With Love from Jackson? :rofl:I looked at the address on the flower box, It was supposed to go to the gal on the other side of my West fence, I live on a dead end street and her house address and street name is not even close to mine. I yelled over the fence and she came out and retrieved them.


I understand if the whole porch is covered in snow, but there is clearly a dry spot that would be just as easy to place the package there.

I hope you leave a review for the quality of the delivery. It helps them learn to be more courteous over the long term or they move on to a different job where thoughtfulness and courtesy aren’t as important.
I mean, it’s not a 1 star delivery, but it’s not a 4 or 5 for sure.

He was still trying to catch his breath after hiking to that 6,000 sq. foot house. :wink:

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Nah, my front yard is the size of a chiclet.


That’s about the norm… :slight_smile:

Mine delivery individuals do that as well. Only a few actually walk to the door. Some even stop at the garage door and leave it. SMH.

How are you liking the new VDBP vs the V1 VDB?

I am enjoying it… The field of view is much better. The only thing I find that is missing is the ability to unlock the door from the Doorbell view… but I didn’t use the feature much, it’s just missing.

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