Check out my flying FedEx delivery today!



What a jerk, I have seen some bad fedex and other delivery services things like this, but wow. He didn’t even try to throw it nicely, it hit the handrail and bounced onto the porch… does he not know people have doorbells and cameras?

Hopefully nothing valuable or breakable was in there.


Absolutely post that to socials and tweet it to FedEx! My FedEx drivers refuse to follow directions and leave packages out in the rain all the time. Amazon and UPS is much more conscientious.


Wow should be fired. Hopefully it was sheets or pulled you ordered!


Unfortunately, unlike UPS (who are Union employees - but like Amazon drivers who are not), FedEx drivers are private contractors employed by a private company contracted by FedEx under bonus rewards for the volume of packages delivered. FedEx doesn’t have jurisdiction over the Driver, only the contract company. FedEx does it this way specifically so they don’t have to take responsibility for issues such as this.


It was a pair of tennis shoes, but he didn’t know that. I made a formal complaint with the company.




A few years back, an Amazon driver pulled up to my garage door and just tossed my package out the driver window. I guess he really needed that 10 seconds he saved.

But, that is the only bad delivery I’ve had. In fact, it was raining and the driver came up to the front door and placed the package on a small concrete ledge out of the rain. I gave him a 5 star review.


I have a 2x2 box right by the front door specifically for package delivery.

The delivery instructions on Amazon clearly state !!!leave packages in box by front door!!! Still, sometimes the package is next to the box, other times by basement door. USPS just puts it on the porch.


Great sign, but, is it only visible from the top down, not from the side as they approach? Not that that would really help at all but …

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At one time USPS required you to sign for a delivery and they rang the doorbell and if not home required you to sign a yellow slip for redelivery. That was USPS in 1980’s then UPS and FedEx started a new drop and kick method for delivery as long as it lands on your property. Great video.


The thing I don’t like is delivery at 8:00 - 10:00 PM from USPS and Amazon. As a worker, this should be a safety issue, but the workers do it for overtime. Problem is thats when I release my dog to roam the neighborhood. Love your sign and I do a similar method but they still drop and Kick deliveries.

There’s something ironically contradictory here. But I’m having some problems figuring out exactly what that is… It’s almost as if the answer is right there but I just can’t for the life of me put my finger on it. :thinking:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Our mail delivery person put a sticker inside my mailbox with a number on it. i waived the signature requirement, so they leave the packages.

I don’t want to advertise what the box is.

95% of the packages go in the box unless they are too large.

Usually Amazon contract drivers using their own transportation are the ones who don’t follow instructions.


I like the way he looks around to see if anyone is watching.


I’ve got that same sign. It’s under the doorbell and on the Dropbox itself.

I’ve got a good usps guy, he puts it in the box as does ups. My Amazon weekend delivery driver is the best. He walks out to the back door.

I have to find a way to reward him.

Fedex is hit or miss. And that other company Amazon uses (can’t think of the name right now) forget it they are useless. Never follow simple direction.

Amazon had the ‘thank my driver’ for one day until they got 5 dollared out of the budget. I still tell Alexa to thank my driver but only if they put the package in the box.

I have never had a package stolen, and hopefully never will.


I like your sign. I put a box about that size on my front porch a few months ago, so they wouldnt have to come onto the back porch anymore. Only one new guy (from India, who didn’t speak english so couldn’t read my sign) put my pkg on top of the box in the rain and the contents got all wet. I was in Calif, then. They were clothes and socks, so my daughter washed them all for me.