FedEx "Air Delivery"

My Wyze Cam captured FedEx doing an “air delivery” which dented the basket inside. FedEx has had a number of issues in the Baltimore area. Thus, Baltimore channel 11, WBAL, showed this video and similar videos in their news cast.


There is no excuse for service like that! An Amazon driver did something like that to a small package of mine. But, he tossed it out the driver door window.

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I hate FedEx so bad. For basically every single package (except Wyze packages for some strange reason), they always update my delivery status to delivered with an extra comment than they left package on the front porch, no signature required. But I have multiple cameras watching every angle of my house, and it’s a complete lie. I call them basically every time and they say that sometimes the update comes 4 hours before delivery (another lie). But it doesn’t ever get delivered that day. Most of the time it finally gets dropped off by the FedEx guy onto my porch an entire week later. On top of that, they don’t even update the delivery tracking, they maintain that it was delivered a week earlier and that I’m lying. Sometimes the package never arrives, but FedEx refuses to do anything about it, they tell me I have to contact the company and have the company file an investigation. The companies tell me this happens a lot with FedEx and the investigations are pointless, so they just send a new product instead.

What the heck, there is zero accountability and the companies all know FedEx is unreliable and screwing them, but everyone keeps using them because they are cheaper. It’s nuts.

By contrast, I have never lost a package with UPS or Amazon delivery (well, once I had one switched with my neighbor’s package, but we just exchanged and it was all good. Out of hundreds of deliveries, Amazon doesn’t lose my packages, but FedEx loses or lies about 90%. It’s ridiculous. I’ve tried to tell them their delivery men around here are dishonest and screwing things up, but they don’t care.


Maybe FedEx hired a bunch of former USPS executives who are “improving” the FedEx service by bringing is down to USPS standards.
UPS is my preferred shipper - despite UPS getting the FCC to take 2 MHz of the 220 MHz ham band away (and then not using it) a couple decades ago…

I had $130 worth of nitrile gloves I use for work stolen by a fedex driver.

Well, FedEx and USPS actually do have a partnership agreement and provide hybrid shipping services, so sometimes FedEx might give you a tracking number and then it turns out that everything was 100% done with USPS and delivered by your post office worker. I have had this happen a few times. Actually, a couple of the times when FedEx said they delivered it to my doorstep already (and lied) I’d have it actually dropped off by my mailman a week later during normal mail delivery, and it had a USPS label on it dated from the exact date FedEx said they picked up it. Really weird stuff.

Usually the hybrid delivery is called “FedEx SmartPost” I think, or USPS Global Express Guaranteed" (GXG).

The point is that you are totally right, FedEx and USPS standards overlap a little because of their tight partnership…

Still, when I totally use just USPS, they’ve so far been pretty reliable for me, and our mailman has never done us wrong. FedEx is the opposite story of this though. They lie constantly, refuse to do anything or look into anything and just tell me to go ask the store to send a new item. It’s insane.

I think Wyze must bribe FedEx to do well, because somehow every Wyze package has always come correctly without FedEx lying about delivery or anything. I just don’t understand how all Wyze FedEx deliveries are perfect every time (I’ve had dozens), but every other FedEx delivery is messed up.

Two years ago Wyze used the UPS/USPS hybrid UPS Mail Innovations service. Believe it or not, it was (at the time) far WORSE that the FedEx SmartPost. There were so many customer complaints about it, Wyze switched to the FedEx model.

In my opinion, I wish they would just pick USPS for everything.


Sorry this happened to your delivery. I was expecting to see an air drop from a plane. Then when I saw the video all I could think about was Ace Venture HDS scene… HDS COMING THROUGH, GOTTA PACKAGE PEOPLE! We’re going downtown.