My Wyze Order thrown/tossed at my door by Fed Ex driver!

It is ironic that the Fed Ex driver (or contractor) was busted tossing my Wyze package like it was garbage on a Wyze Cam.

I am sharing this because this is unacceptable behavior and service. I posted the video to the community forum, Twitter, Facebook and contacted Fed Ex as well. How many of these videos does it take for delivery employees to learn this is poor and lazy and may end up getting you fired. This person obviously takes ZERO pride in the job they do.

That looks pretty blatant!

Chances are good this isn’t the first time your package has been treated this way. Probably gets beat up at every step. :frowning: How was the item…good condition?

I am out of town and won’t know until this evening. The package contains the strip lights. Fingers crossed. :pray:

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