I’m in shock!

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and closing the gate!!! nice!

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the last few times I received a delivery from Amz, they did this also. I wonder if they are new employees. I think its good customer service to do this.

I wish the jackholes up here were that nice with my packages! LOL :smiley:

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Never seen them not in these parts.

My deliveries from Amazon (way to many!) have always been well handled and courteous. Most of the time they ring for larger packages.

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Same, Amazon typically leaves packages and Rings the doorbell. Not always but usually. Nice folks but my goodness are they busy! I tried rubbing an Amazon driver up against my mailman to see if it would rub off. Now words like “assault” and “crazy old coot” and so forth are being thrown around. Sigh…

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I have amazon delivery just about every other day. They usually knock on the door instead of ringing the bell. OP’s video looks like a commercial for Amazon LOL. “At Amazon, we encourage young and aspiring individual to start their own Prime Delivery Van service. You too, can bring smiles to the faces of our customers. Start your business today!”


It’s funny when I have package delivery, the people see the blue light turn on from my other brand cameras , is seems like they check themselves and slow down a little bit, they don’t stare at the camera but just glance at it, they know they’re being watched and they place the packages carefully on the porch , push the button on the old wireless doorbell that doesn’t even work , and also knock on the door.
Which arises to question , should your cameras be hidden , undetectable , or in your face?

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I think it depends on your specific needs and situation. My outside cameras are readily visible and not disguised in any way. I do turn all the status lights off but just because I personally don’t like them. I can’t turn them off on my Ring Doorbell and get pretty much the same reactions you do.

That said I have two cameras inside that turn on whenever I arm my alarm system in stay or away mode. The cameras are aimed at my front door and the back door. They are not exactly hidden but they are not readily visible either.

Now when my son was with us he had friends over that frankly I did not trust. After several items went missing I deployed a couple of hidden cams. After catching one of his “friends” stealing I sent my son some of the video anonymously. I am sure he knew it was me but I was making a point.

I noticed immediately that certain of his friends disappeared after that. I deployed those same cameras for a friend that rented a room out and strongly suspected his tenant of wrongdoing. The resulting video preserved and collected by his attorney made his subsequent eviction and court case a slam dunk.

So it depends is my best answer. Your local laws also will be a factor. In some jurisdictions there are very clear conditions under which you can collect video and when you cannot etc.

Having bogus ones that are easy to see and working/recording ones that are hidden IMO is an optimal plan.

I agree with that , I don’t have bogus ones but , I have some that are easy to see and some that are hidden I have so many cameras around , inside and out , no one is gonna get past or find all of them

I much prefer them to not ring my doorbell as it drives my dogs crazy.

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