Order delivery by Doordash

Did anyone place an order in late September for the new black v3 and it was to be delivered by Doordash instead of UPS or FedEx?

I never received any email regarding status after order confirmation. And when I asked Wyze chat tonight, I was told to contact DoorDash.

What? I placed the order with Wyze not Doordash. If you’re the shipping company, the people I paid, why do I have to search for my order to find out if it’s been delivered? And why would they ship through them instead of a more organized company with actual tracking?

Yes I’m venting but with good reason. I’m the customer and I was left out of the equation. You’re supposed to keep me updated.

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Both FedEx and UPS also often use somewhat random contractors to do deliveries from a nearby hub…people who aren’t their own employees. So some rando who also does doordash can do delivery runs for UPS and FedEx too, though they usually make their own LLC or SCorp for the delivery companies to contract with, some of them will do Uber, doordash and other stuff all at the same time.
It is a little strange you were told to contact Doordash though.

That would have been the first sign that the order had a problem. Order Confirmation emails are immediate, update emails are often.

What status does the the order detail show when you select My Orders in your account when logging in online?

Just said order “Fulfilled September 27, 2023 DOORDASH (tracking number removed ###############)”

To me “Fulfilled” means you picked the order and packed it, and it’s ready to ship.

I never received a shipment notice or even a delivery notice and the tracking number doesn’t work, error 404 BUT Doordash can see the tracking info.

Just the same you can understand my frustration with being left out of being notified.

After this I’m going to be done with Wyze. It’s not right. I’m going to sell off all my Wyze camera and go with someone else. I have options.

I ordered from you and you hand it off to someone who hands it off to someone else and yet I paid you and you have no idea what happened to the order.

When you contacted Wyze Customer Support, did you receive a support ticket number? If you post the ticket number, we may be able to escalate your issue.

If you did not receive a ticket number, please contact them again and if support does not resolve your issue, make sure you obtain a ticket number and post it here.

Wyze Customer Support > click “Order Related Questions” button on right side. You can also call support at (206) 339-9646. Support phone calls are followed up by transcription and support ticket number via email.

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[Wyze Ticket 3360497] Re: Order Status

They responded to my support ticket from last night this morning.

"Hi Cassandra,

I hope you are doing well. We appreciate your patience. I understand that you have issues with the carrier, which doesn’t give updates to your package. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. No worries, I’m Joana from the Orders Team and I’ll be happy to help you assist you.

I want to extend our sincere appreciation for your loyalty as a long-term customer since 2018. We deeply value your trust and the opportunity to serve you. I would like to express our understanding of your concerns regarding the tracking of your recent order through DoorDash. Your feedback is important to us, and I’d like to address your questions and provide clarity on this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced due to the limitations of the tracking link provided by DoorDash.

We wanted to provide you with an update regarding the delivery of your package. Upon checking in our system, your package was successfully delivered on September 28, 2023.

However, if you have not received the package or if there are any discrepancies with the delivery, we recommend taking the following steps:

Check Your Delivery Location: Please double-check your delivery location to ensure that the package was not left in a secure area or with a neighbor.
Reach Out to Neighbors: If you are unable to locate the package at your address, we suggest reaching out to your neighbors to inquire if they may have received it on your behalf.

If you are still unable to locate the package, please feel free to contact us again.

Thank you for choosing Wyze, and we hope to resolve this situation to your satisfaction.

Best regards,
Joana | Wyze Wizard"

Though I’m still not a happy camper. I’m going to check my box tomorrow to see if it is there and we’ll move forward. And I will also start researching my other options.

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The U.S. Postal Service delivers everything I order directly from WYZE. Good luck in your search for delivery location.

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Luckily the address is the post office.

I just don’t like how they did this. My last order was delivered by FedEx. No issues, got notification and I could track it to the last moments.

We shall see tomorrow.

10/06/23 Update

Went to the post office and there was a pickup card in my box. I did get the camera (relief sigh).

Couldn’t check it out until Saturday. Was able to set everything up and it would be replacing a v2 on the deck. Had to add a piece of wood scrap since the mounting bracket doesn’t work at a corner angle.

Had some issues with it going offline a few times, so I switched it from the router’s wifi to my extender’s connection, which is closer to the camera (15ft directly above the deck) but still has 2 out of 3 bars. This is strange because the camera on the shed is connected to the router’s wifi and it has 2 of 3 bars and it’s at least 50ft from the router. I also changed the power adapter from the v2’s 1A to the v3’s 2A. Hoping these two changers will work.

I’m still pissed about how it was shipped and will still be looking at other cameras. No customer should be treated as an outsider on their own order.

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Great to hear you got your cam. What kind did you get to replace your v2?

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The new black v3 pan

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I’m going through the same situation now with Wyze Color Bulbs.

I originally got an order confirmation with a link to Order Status which at the time was Received or something like that.

Yesterday the Order Status changed to Fulfilled and had a DoorDash tracking number with a link to Track Shipment.

Track Shipment just gives me a DoorDash page with a 404 error code, so I have no idea what’s going on.

Best bet is to call Doordash, explain to them that you have a tracking number and need an update. That the page in the link d doesn’t work.

DD and Wyze were all apologetic about me not getting tracking updates but sorry doesn’t fix anything and it didn’t make me feel better about the situation.

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Just arrived at the front door!