Official Wyze V3 Window Mount is Live (just hidden at time of writing)

Thanks @Customer it does make me wonder what other things could be hiding in their own unlinked pages… Like an Easter egg hunt.

@FriendofFeralCats it’s too new to know how effective they are. If you’ve had problems with others, maybe wait a few weeks until some users post reviews first. We should have a better idea of the details a couple of weeks after they’re delivered.


that is a great idea to wait if you have any hesitations. as you mentioned, this type of mount will only be useful for flush forward facing views. if you need ANY angle, this is not the mount for you. and as there are quite a few options on windows these days, I think that having dual payne windows may inhibit this mounts abilities to stop light reflection from inside of the home as they would merely reflect off the further panel of glass. just a couple of things to keep in mind.

and these also appear to be a set it and forget it type of mount. once you stick them, that’s were they shall stay. and I don’t see anywhere that they intend to sell more adhesives that would make it more mobile.


Aren’t these wacky wallwalker style gummy pads that can be reused?


It kind of looks like it, but it’s hard to be sure with no description or anything but the title, price and 1 image view. I don’t know if they intended to launch it yet or were just starting to build the page.

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The mount may be (is likely) a high-bond adhesive-backed foam gasket, probably permanently bonded. Bam’s point about double glazed windows is a good one and “reflects” their fine insight.

If you want to try a DIY before buying, it’s not difficult to construct an analogous 4-strip frame using 3M Command (replacement) adhesive strips (at Target etc.). Pull and stretch the tabs to cleanly release the bond and remove. If exposed to the sun’s UV, I wouldn’t necessarily trust the clean release after some time.

Note these Command strips are white colored and not the optically desired black of the Wyze product. One can get black VHB foam tape, but it’d cost more than Wyze’s, and you’d need a locomotive to remove your project from the glass. (Or a razor scraper and some patience.) … Eh- black Command strips are available too.


I will say that I have had a Wyze cam (first a V2 and now a V3) pointing through a double-paned window at an angle (not flush) and there is certainly some glare at night as mentioned by other posts, but it’s still clear enough to see. It is pretty good in the daytime too.


You definitely need to leave the IR off (I just use the porch light) or you will get a lot of glare/reflection.

If it’s okay through a double-paned window even when at an angle (not flush against it), then I’d assume it’s even better when flush like this, while blocking out the immediate glaring areas. I bet it works great if you can do flush, and if you leave the IR off.

You can see some examples of what mine looks like through double-paned windows even when at an angle by viewing the videos at the following posts:

Here is the most recent video embedded here for convenience:
(Top one is a Wyze V3 angled through a double-paned window in the daytime)

The V3 (and Eufy cam & V2) in those videos is through double-paned glass at an angle, and as you can see, it’s still viewable, so I imagine flush will be even better, especially at night…but as mentioned by BAM, it will still probably have some reflection because of the second pane, but you can still see things fairly well regardless, maybe not clearly across the street, but in my yard where I care about it, it’s okay.


Just ordered one today, we’ll see. Shipping cost as much as the mount, and when I tried to order it wouldn’t take my cc and had to use pay pal.


Awesome, check back in when it arrives and let us know what you think, all the details, etc. Maybe take some pictures. :slight_smile: I look forward to your follow-up.

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Still have a reflection with double paned windows. Which most are these days.

Hello, People.
The best view from window-mounted V cameras is from its outside face. For those willing to go down that path, I would point you towards Mounting V2 on window post #54. This approach will provide a stay-in-place mount that will not peel away. However, if you don’t like using the magnets, the window contact part of the bracket (I call it the wall plate) can be made longer to accommodate more Command Tape. For further insurance, caulk the top and side edges of the window plate. Since the wall plate is opaque, there will be no UV damage to the Command Tape. A 3D-printed helmet could protect a V3 from direct rain damage. Check out My Wyze Cam V3 died in the rain post #39. The dog-leg bracket is the simplest and compact bracket there is. Once an aiming point is decided upon, the bracket will stay aimed. The aluminum bracket first linked above is aimed downward from the zenith 110° and from the right wall 70°.
Soon I will be posting a simple cardboard device to measure the horizontal and ver tical components of any line of aim. The two aim components along with the thickness of material to be used in a dog-leg bracket will be input into a spreadsheet that will be linked for your use. The spreadsheet to date calculates layout values for Simple Folded Dog-leg, Simple Folded Dog-Leg with Folded Stop, and a Folded Side Panel Support Dog-Leg bracket. Also, the spreadsheet outputs a 3D printable document that can be saved as an ASCII text with the .stl extension, see screen snip below. I am cleaning it up for prime time.
This screen snip of a print preview of a dog-leg ready to be printed and bent to its vertical angle or used as a marking-out template applied to sheet metal to be cut out and bent.

Victor Maletic.


“what other things could be hiding in their own unlinked pages?” You could always try a Google Search on the Wyze site. Like: “ window mount.”

Which will work only if the Google has indexed the page.

It should go without saying that just because something appears on a web page doesn’t mean it exists, is intended for public consumption, or is available for sale… While this was a fun find I personally wouldn’t even try to order it.

Not a bad idea…but yikes at $5 bones or 1/4 of the price of the original hardware $20 for plastic and tape?

Now I know the reason everyone should have a 3D Printer!!!

There just aren’t that many people craving the ability to churn out their own baby Yoda figurines.

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True…and everything costs something! Good idea either way, and I’ll have to try one and see what kind of improvement can be had setup wise though a window. :grinning:

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Thanks for taking the snark well. I couldn’t help myself. :slight_smile:

(Also I’ve yet to see a trustworthy product produced through 3D printing… but I have little personal exposure to them.)

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Exactly and no worries… I still need to buy a 3D printer, but need something in the $500 range that breaks my bank for what I’d like to print tall and wide.

In all actuality…the time it would take for me to Sketch-out design in a CAD and then send out for printing…I could have purchased three (3) plastic/tape things for my three cameras that I’ve already received.

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3D Printed…

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Nicely done…does this fit on Wyze Cam v3? Plans available online?

The Shop page for the window mount actually does NOT say anything about how it is actually mounted. It does not say anything about sticky pads, and I can only find a couple references to people assuming they are sticky. Yeah, it looks like some kind of pad and one assumes they would be sticky. BUT they also look like just basic rubber pads. The camera is shown with its base pulled out and positioned in a very particular way as though it is meant to merely lean against the window as though propped up next to the window.

What about the camera side? Does it clip securely onto the camera, or is that part also sticky? I looks like it barely interfaces with the camera rather than providing a durable support. If the camera or the cord are knocked will it just fall off the mount?

Does anyone have more detail?