Alternatives to pushing a button to force reset/setup

Hi Wyze.

I think there’s a good bunch of us that place their cameras in hard to reach places. Would it be possible to have a special QR code to force camera to enter setup mode?

I just changed my WiFi settings here and with this feature, I could have avoided reaching my ladder to then reach the cameras, disassemble their cases, press the setup button and redo everything backwards.

Maybe as a safety precaution, have the QR code generated based on the serial number, after first time setup?

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This guy published a more fleshed out version of your idea…

Thanks for sharing.

Then some nefarious dude would use it to disable the camera at will. I like @katriik suggestion, “. . have the QR code generated based on the serial number”.
How about:

  1. An app command to reboot to factory default.
  2. F/W updates that don’t require manual upload to the uSD card.

I think you did not read the full post. The guy is recommending exactly the same as I am: have a unique to the camera QR code to self-reset. It’s just more down below its post.

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Please find alternative to scanning QR code

It’s especially difficult when you try to install something like wyze floodlight over garage door where you have to climb up more than 10 feet so you can try to make the camera read the QR code, which 80% of the time it cannot read, you have to come down and try another time. I thought about printing the QR code and scanning from distance, but I still have to go up there and press the button.
Am I the only one having problems trying to make the camera read the QR code on my phone?

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Not that this helps now, but if you buy any cams in the future, set them up inside (as far as connecting to your account and wifi) then install it after the initial setup is complete. I started doing that after my third camera. It also works with the light bulbs (I use a table lamp for initial setup and then move them to their desired location after setup is complete).

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Hi towelkingdom, thanks for the suggestion but my main issue is when you get a new router or have to change your SSID.

While mods merged my request into the thread that has a different issue (but the challenge is the same, camera installed at unreachable place) it’s still a problem for people who make changes to the network and now have to reach to the camera not only to press the setup button, but also the difficulty with making the camera read the QR code.

I am not sure how OP plans to make the camera read the QR code if they can’t reach it to press set up, but I would prefer if we can set up the camera remotely through the app, and just give it instruction to change the SSID/Password. Is this a security issue? If it’s in our local network, what’s stopping Wyze developers from allowing the users to modify the Wifi details directly from the app?

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Yeah, that IS a pain. I will agree.

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Also trying to get the camera to read the QR code, especially one that’s installed on top of the garage door (in my case installing it to fixture wiring 10ft high) and you climb on the ladder, trying to make the camera read the QR code and constantly it can’t read it due to number of issues, maybe it’s too sunny, or maybe you are not holding it at right angle, it’s really odd way to set up the cameras.

For Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro (or any Wyze Cam) - ability to reset without press of button


I have been a Wyze customer for years now (since v1) - love the products. I was considering getting the Floodlight Pro for the perimeter of my house - replacing the 4 old standalone lights at each corner on second story. However, one thing is stopping me. The existing cams (and the Wyze ones) are mounted approximately 20’ high to access power and be in proper place for lighting and camera viewing angles. If (when) a camera loses connection and needs a reset - it will obviously be a hassle to take out the 20’ ladder and climb up to mash the setup button. I wish wish wish there was a way to engineer things so the physical button press was not necessary. I know the physical button press is likely to address some sort of security requirement - but man without having a way to do this entirely remotely or at least via Bluetooth from 20 feet below is stopping me from getting the Floodlight Pros.