Allow for speed calculations

Want an easier method to get data needed to calculate a vehicle’s (or any object’s) speed.

  1. Add milliseconds to each video frame’s timestamp, and then an option to display the timestamp’s milliseconds during playback from recordings and smartcard.

  2. Allow for optional on demand frame by frame playback from recordings and smartcard…

  3. Allow for user placement or color selection of the timestamp. On one of cameras the timestamp is unreadable blending into the background.

FWIW I have seen other people do this with Wyze cameras already. Someone was saying they just converted the streams to RTSP (ie: using Docker Wyze Bridge, or TinyCam or Scrypted or custom firmware), then they plug in that video stream into any number of existing video stream projects that are already setup to calculate object speed from a video stream.

I think this is the best bet on how to accomplish this.

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As I state in my post I want an easier and within the app method of calculating speed. The currently available methods are a PITA. Adding frame by frame viewing with millisecond timestamps to the app should be easy and a very useful feature.

Yeah, it would be cool to have and know who is speeding pay my house, etc.

Based on other similar niche requests like this, I just highly anticipate that this request will be categorized as “probably not” or at best as “maybe later” and thought I’d mention there are workarounds and alternatives.

But you never know. Advancements in AI and image and video analysis are improving rapidly and exponentially, so it would be cool if this becomes easily possible sooner than I think. I would certainly use it and ask to be notified if someone is estimated to be going significantly above the speed limit right in front of my house. If it is happening frequently I’d consider sending the evidence of dates times, vehicle doing it, etc to the local PD and ask them to have someone monitor the area around those times to say least warn the person to knock it off.