Vehicle speed check

You can figure this out right now with a little maths and video of a moving car.


With knowing a few variables, you can find the approximate speed of a moving car. Lets find the aprox speed of a car driving in front of my house.

First, i need to know the distance they travel. Lets start when the vehicle passes the edge of my neighbors driveway to my east, and then travels to an edge of the driveway to a neighbor to my west (i have a overview of my street camera so its basically one edge of my V3’s frame to the other edge, but knowing physical landmarks, which will be important next). Next going into google maps, measure the approximate distance from the east point, to the west point. Rounding down slightly, i get 165 feet.

Next, I need the time it took for the car to get from the east point, to the west point. The Wyze time stamp doesn’t include milliseconds, so i have to count frames. I loaded the event video onto my computer and opened in VLC, and i counted exactly 100 frames from the east point to the west point. Knowing that my driveway V3 records in 15 fps at night, then playing the 100 frames equals 6.67 seconds.

I know know the distance the vehicle covered is 165 ft in 6.67 seconds. Because maths is hard for me, i’ll use this online calculator. There are many online calculators that help with this.

This gives you an approximate speed. I know that my east start point is right after a 90 degree turn, so the car was probably going less than 16 mphs there, and then as the vehicle hit the west point, it was probably going faster than 16 mphs. This gives you an average. If you were measuring between two points in the middle of the neighborhood or on a stretch of highway, i’d say you’d get a pretty accurate measurement of speed between your points and not more of an average speed.

This is how law enforcement uses airplanes to get speeders on the highways.