Calculate approximate speed of vehicles

My street has become really dangerous because of speeding vehicles.

I don’t need an accurate detection of speed, as I wouldn’t use this for conviction of offenders. But getting the approximate speed each vehicle could build a body of evidence to get some action taken.

For example if I could prove that a cop would likely get a good number of serious tickets written in a particular hour on a particular day then one of them might put their donut down long enough to make a difference. :grin:

Or maybe I could use it to persuade the powers that be, that this road with an elementary school should have a proper sidewalk.

I’d even like it if I could print screen shots of vehicles and their calculated speed as those that live locally probably wouldn’t want to have that photo on Nextdoor. :sunglasses:

I might sound like a moaning, old guy but I’m happy to ride a motorcycle at 120+mph on a track or where it’s safe-ish and legal, but a 25 mph road to a school that already has speed bumps should have this issue.

Maybe others would like this too.

In the meantime while this is still a wish list item, you can build your library of evidence right now. If you have a camera facing a stretch of roadway you can take the distance traveled and the time it took to travel set distance to get the approximate vehicle speed. Example if you know the distance between one neighbor’s driveway to the next neighbor’s driveway you can take the amount of frames (different cameras frame rates vary, even in day versus night) it takes the vehicle to travel the most exact distance as possible to get the approximate speed.

I’ll do an example. Say my neighbor’s mailboxes are 80 ft apart and I have video during the day on my V3 of a car traveling between those two mailboxes in 40 frames (V3 has a 20 frames per second daytime), which for ease would be 2 secinds (calculate from the same location on the vehicle, like the passenger front tire when it gets adjacent to the mailbox start and end your time at that point). Using this calculator:

That vehicle was traveling approximately 27.2727 miles per hour. It gets kind of wonky if they are speeding up or slowing down over your measure distance.

Thanks for the submission, Wyze is looking to up their AI game!


Capture Speeds of speeding vehicles through my neighborhood

Interested in capturing speeds of vehicles driving through my neighborhood using Wyze cameras and software to determine speeds. Live right by a high school, when school gets out kids fly through our neighborhood, Want to capture speeds so that i can show police/city there is an issue and maybe something could change. Using time and distance traveled can determine speed of vehicle.

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