Bv 3 vehicle detection sucks

V 3 vehicle detection is absolute crap. Works fine in the day at night every time a car drives by my house and the lights shine in the driveway I get an alert telling me it’s a vehicle ,absolutely useless. It was recently that you didn’t update before that vehicle detection didn’t even work I liked it better that way at least I would pick up people. Not worth a penny. And yes I have a detection zone set up in my driveway at least 20 ft from the street. Every time a car drives by the house I get an alert


The detection zone is only part of the process. If the headlights at night are causing pixel changes in the detection zone it will trigger as motion and create a video and send it to be analyzed. When it is analyzed it does not know where your zone is, if it sees a car anywhere in the video it will tag it as such. You could try lowering sensitivity but if the headlight create too much change it will still see it as motion.

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Since you are 20 ft from the street, do you need Vehicle detection, or can you turn it off? I have 1 camera set to alert on all motion, but it points away from the road, and the others I have turned off Vehicle Detection and left the other options on. Works well for me.

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The vehicle detection is on so if a car goes in the driveway. Not passing in the roadway. Since I have other motions off it should not be picking up lights in my driveway and telling me it’s a car. As far as the sensitivity goes I am down to 30% and it continues to be a problem. I do realize that these cameras are using pixel-based motion which sucks instead of infrared. But before a few weeks ago vehicle detection didn’t even work it only picked up people and then I didn’t have this problem now it’s totally useless might as well just shut it off

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You can turn vehicle detection off, and leave people detection on.

You can turn pixel detection off at night and add a Sense PIR motion sensor to trigger the camera. That’s what I do.

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Where is the option to turn vehicle detection off and leave people detection on I don’t see that anywhere

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I got mine down to just, wide angle n illegally bright headlights.

The problem is person detection around the car is now spotty day n night.

Which did not happen with the v2 cams.

No Bueno, Wyze.

Ok, how do you go in and change those settings ?

I need to try this !

“Take me to your Leader !”


If you are using the latest app, you can turn Vehicle detection off in Event Recording > Cam Plus AI Detection. on the Cam Plus camera in question.

Before that it was Account tab > Services > Cam Plus > [camera].



Okay I found it thank you I’ll give it a try

I mean to say I will give it a try thank you for your help

For me AI has been out to lunch all week, it’s detecting dogs as vehicles even when no vehicles are within the detection zone or even in view of the camera. You’d think that Wyze would have enough data by now to get this sorted out. Can we set it to just detect people, because I’m tired of all the false alarms.

At this point it’s not even working. For me it’s not picking up any motion for cars or people

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At this point it’s not picking up any cars or people basically it’s not working at all so why am I paying for this

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Exactly! Wish Wyze gave us a lower priced CamPlus if we didn’t want those features. All I want is video longer than 12 seconds and no cool down period. The AI detection labels are useless if they are wrong most of the time!