Camera not catching cars going by

So I’ve noticed here recently that my outside cameras don’t pick up vehicles that drive by when others do? Sometimes it will pick up a car driving by one way but not when it’s leaving my street. Last night 3 cars drove by down our street at 3am but my cameras didn’t catch nothing? My neighbors were wondering who had footage and when I went to check I didn’t show anything until 6am? It’s not the first time but figured I would ask

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Increase sensitivity

Put the detection zone more at the license plate level or headlight, make the view more straight at the level, you may need to lower the camera or put it closer to the street as I did.

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It sounds like this might be related to the cooldown period. The camera will capture a 12-second video once every 5 minutes. You can either buy a microSD card or subscribe to the Complete Motion Capture service if you want the opportunity to review all motion.


Thank you I will do that…maybe that’s what it is! Well happy new year!

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Thank you. I will check on that too…what’s crazy is that sometimes it picks up cars on the side street! And nothing in front?

The Wyze SD card costs $10 and highly recommend getting one. In my opinion it changes the entire having a camera experience.

Thank you…I had them but hadn’t installed them until now. Appreciate it! Happy New Year!!

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Great, try it you will enjoy it, beauty is you get the whole event while there is motion, not just .12 seconds.

What it might be picking up there is not the car but the headlights causing the lighting in your detection zone to change enough to trigger the’ motion detection’ (actually an algorithm which determines motion based on the % of pixels that change in a given area).
A nice improvement is to add the Wyze Sense motion sensor which is an actual Passive Infrared Receptor. Eliminates light flicker, wind blown bushes and my favorite pet peeve - bugs at night.

Thank you Tom I will note that.

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