Catch speeding cars

Hi. I’m trying to capture speeders on my street. I’m on a windy, steep road and every.damn.night the same dude rips up the street in a loud, modded car. There’s also others on the regular. Suggestion for how to capture/prevent/deal with these clowns using Wyze? I’m not a customer yet and want to purchase wisely.


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The Wyze Cam with the highest resolution video is the V3Pro at 2K. The Floodlight Pro does also, but that is a completely different use case. The new Battery Cam Pro has 2K, but I have no experience with it.

The V3 records in HD as does the OG. Both have comparable specs, but the OG is cheaper. The OG does come in a 3x Telephoto for a closer view.

But, if you are looking for something that will read license plates, none are capable of doing that unless it is close and stationary. At the speeds you are describing, you will probably only be able to identify make, model, and color with any clearly identifiable features. At that speed, it may be a blur. Cams record 20fps daytime and 15fps at night in low light conditions. To get super clear motion capture of fast moving objects, a higher frame is required.

For example… Here are videos of a PanV3 and a V3 capturing street video from about 40ft give or take.

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I don’t think WYZE sells spike strips. I also don’t think any of the cams sold can clearly film a speeding car to get a plate number or a positive make model of the vehicle. I have V3 cams and a V3 Pro which are great during the day clearly showing a clear view of the cars and how many occupants that turn around in front of my house but they are only doing about 10 MPH and no you can’t get the plate #. At night it also works quite well because the vehicle is moving very slow.
Maybe you should rig up a power Dash Cam close to the road, they show fast moving cars great day or night.


You may want to try one of these. My neighbor down the street has one on his sidewalk. Always catches my attention even though I do not speed.

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Need one of those with a cam mounted in its hand.

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I put one of these on the curve in front of my house

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My street is on the way to a popular view/smoke destination and it’s a smooth curvy road, so ‘the word gets out’ and it’s a magnet for wannabe racers. There’s already a similar sign up. I think it won’t help here given this and the nature of the drivers. I am saying this calmly :slight_smile: but I want legal repercussions so it ceases to be a talked about destination.

Petition the county/city to install speed bumps, tables or humps or whatever is legal. There are numerous how-to-petition website articles on the Internet or just speak to the city/county clerk. Instead of speed bumps or speed cameras, we petitioned to pay the police overtime to shoot radar in our neighborhood at night with an additional $200 fine going back to our HOA. It’s working very well for our neighborhood, the police and the county. Private citizens’ evidence produced with Wyze gear isn’t going to hold up in court.

Whew, glad I don’t live in an HOA community. Sounds awful. I’m not condoning speeding in a neighborhood ( I despise people who do ) but the oversight of an HOA sounds awful.

Your video isn’t going to do anything but piss off someone, if someone is inconsiderate enough to speed in a neighborhood they may be considerate enough to retaliate against you. Why cause yourself grief without an endgame. If it’s late at night and the noise bothers you, get earplug, install better windows and don’t be a Ken.

Good advice in our urban neighborhood.