SD Card Recording Viewer for Wyze Cams: WyzeTimelapse

I am excited to announce the launch of my new video player, WyzeTimelapse, specifically designed for Wyze cameras. The Continuous Recording feature on these cameras can make it difficult to view all the 1-minute files, so my app offers an easy solution. WyzeTimelapse allows for easy preview and the creation of timelapses from camera recordings on an SD card.

Why my app is better than your favorite video player:

  • A simple interface with no playlists, just one button to load all recordings from the SD card
  • A single scroll bar for all video files
  • Extreme video acceleration (up to 18k times) and the option to add timestamps if forgotten initially
  • Suggestions are welcome for any additional features

The app is available for download now on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac. Download links can be found in the “Packages” section on Releases · Sergei / Wyze Timelapse · GitLab

Please note that the files are stored on Google Drive (I don’t want to pay for own hosting)

Also you need to give permissions to run this app on Mac since it still has no developer certificate

A UI preview can be seen in the attached image and more information can be found by using the “?” button.

If you have any issues with the app, please feel free to ask in this topic or e-mail me directly.

Thank you for your support and enjoy!

Result movies made with this app can be found on the following YouTube links:


Interesting concept. Likely gonna play with that one.

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That is great news.

Thanks Sergei

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Mac x64 build is available now if you require it :slight_smile:



I installed it on my MacPro running HighSierra 10.13.6 and it quits on launch. I guess my OS is too old?

I don’t think so, it could be an issue with my app.
Mac x64 is the only build which I haven’t be able to test on a real hardware. Let me double-check my program and I’ll return back with results.




Is this Windows 7? Official Microsoft support was ended 3 years ago and I didn’t think that this version will be required by someone

yes, win 7 pro

Ok, I’ll try to build my app for Win7 and come back with results

great, really appreciate it

Past time to retire Windows 7…

Please download Win7 version via WyzeTimelapse_1.0.1_x64_win7.exe - Google Drive
(also available in Releases link from the topic)

Don’t expect it to run perfectly. I was able to open app in my virtual machine with some interface issues. Try fullscreen window if interface looks completely broken. Let me know if this version works for you :slight_smile:

Any news on this?

seems to be working without any interface issues. thank you very much.

didn’t realize actual sd card needs to be directly attached to pc. some of my cameras require 10 foot ladder to get to…

I’m working with my friend who owns Intel Mac laptop. We found some issues, so it should work in Catalina with high probability. Just need some more time to fix them. Keep tuned