Alexa Waiting on Wyze

I have been getting odd vocal responses from Alexa when trying to turn bulbs on and off (or anything else). The Alexa device will say something like “Something went wrong. Please try disabling the skill and re-enabling it”. When I go to the phone app it says something like “Waiting on Wyze” instead. Is the Wyze down or just not responding to my requests? Is there a place for me to see the status of the Wyze server. This happened quite a bit yesterday (9/24/19). This sort of thing is a show-stopper for me, Is there something I can do on my end to correct this.

Did you try disabling and re-enabling the skill as Alexa suggested? If not, try that first. :slight_smile:

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Same happened to me.Disable skill and still didn’t fix so I unplug my Alexa devices waited a few minutes plug them back in and now they work fine

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I had that happen 3 or 4 times yesterday I didn’t do anything , each time I immediately repeated the command again in a more clear voice and it did what I wanted it to do

This also happened to me, but on Google Home. It kept responding that “Wyze Home isn’t available right now”. I didn’t do anything and last night it started working again by itself.

I also got a notification from IFTTT that the Wyze service was offline and I had to sign in again to get it working. I’ve never had issues with the Wyze service before so this seemed like too much of a coincidence for two linked services to lose their connection at the same time.

They were probably having an issue with the connected services. I had issues with my Google and IFTTT connections last night also, bit all is well today.

Happened last night to me as well. Cleared up quickly too. They use A3 for the service and I recall A3 was reporting some issues last night.

Actually it was just flaky and came back on on its own. I actually expect these things to just work. Exactly which skill whould I disable? Is this light a smart light and which brand? Oh, it’s really a plug… Oh, that’s right, the Alexa app says it’s Wyze, but the Echo is just way confused because the Wyze server is not handling requests, so it takes a guess, which is obviously wrong, to power cycle the skill. I believe the problem is on Wyze’s end.

Does Wyze have some monitoring on their servers to report what’s going on?

Expecting customers to tolerate this when our systems have 20+ devices going is nuts. What sort of uptime should I expect? Might I expect even 3-nines (99.9)% at some time?

BTW- I don’t see this problem on any of my non-Wyze devices.

Glad it’s working for you now. I’m not an Alexa user, so I was speculating on what might help you. I often see similar issues with different services on Google, too. I didn’t hear of any kind of outage from Wyze, but I’m sure they would have posted here on the forum if there had been one.

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This is all wacked out right now can’t control my lights or plugs with alexa
In the alexa app it says server is unresponsive , but I don’t see anything anywhere that says waiting on wyze
I disabled and enabled the skill and all is well

There was a nice post from @WyzeGwendolyn on an other thread I was posting in and I was wondering if she had seen this thread and could shed some light on the problem.

I haven’t had a lick of trouble since Sep 26, 12:38 AM

I also have had no problems since that one evening, but what happened? Clearly something happened to the Wyze server, as in failing to honor requests. Shouldn’t someone at Wyze know what happened by going through the event logs or whatever they do today.? I wonder if @WyzeGwendolyn might know something about how Wyze tracks down sporadic network problems?

I don’t know if it was a wyze problem or an Amazon problem

I was blaming Wyze since the Alexa app said it was waiting on Wyze. Amazon could have been confused and it was really Amazon’s fault. Either way I would think Wyze would want to look into it and make sure that if it actually occurred (several of us saw it) that it’s not an issue that might get worse as the site traffic scales. Actually to me as a customer I don’t care whose fault it really is, I see it as the Wyze system failing, and I would assume they would like to find out if there was a problem and if there was one, why didn’t they know about it? If it’s Amazon’s problem, then how is being resolved? If it’s on Wyze’s end, then how does it get fixed? Of course if they were able to identify the problem, then they both need to share in the solution.

@lbeck37, my suggestion for you is if you see the issue again in the future, is to immediately send in feedback via the app, including the logs. Wyze cannot solve a problem if they don’t have enough information on it. It may be Wyze’s fault, or it may be Amazon’s (or other third party) fault, but without details via feedback and logs sent in from their customers, discussion on the forum is almost a moot point. Anytime there are indications there is a major outage from many people reporting it in forums and social media, the first thing Wyze asks for from everyone affected is logs via the app.


@DreadPirateRush Thanks for pointing me there. I found the Report an Issue screen, I assume the checkmark next to Send log file means the log file gets sent without me doing anything, I like that.

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Yes if the box is checked it will send the log file along to the support staff

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You’re very welcome! Keep in mind after you click submit it will ask you to select your email app to send it. :slight_smile:

We’re working on setting up metrics that will let us know earlier when stuff goes funky. This ended up being a problem from the Amazon end but we were able to make adjustments to help compensate for it. We apologize for the inconvenience and we’re working on improving our response time to stuff like this. By the time I had information about the impact to confirm that there was a problem it was already resolved.

The logs that the mods and mavens are steering you toward are very helpful. Tagging me here and chatting with me in the Facebook group also helped! :slight_smile:

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