Alexa Issues with most devices, excluding camera's

I am getting this from Alexa for only the Lights and sensors. The camera’s appear to be the only thing that is working. Notice the message I get on my Show and the Red ! marks in the app. The show displayed the message when I said to turn on the Living Room Lights.

I have DM’d Wyze about the issue. Hopefully they will provide feedback on this.

NOTE: They do work from the Wyze App. So they are all online


I am getting the same thing. Disconnected the Wyze skill and reconnected. I con not control any of my numerous color bulbs, but I can all my non colored bulbs.

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Good to know, I don’t have anymore white bulbs. Will check when I get my new White bulbs in.

Thanks for confirming

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White Bulbs, no response,
Color bulbs no response,
Outdoor plugs no response,
Wyze plugs no response,
Thermostats no response
WRV no response
Lock no response

The only Wyze devices that seem to be connected for me is the light strip and cameras

I did notice there was an Alexa update on one of my Android devices but not another… trying that now to see if anything changes. Which I doubt it will as this appears to be a backend issue, not client.

Will disable and re-enable skill as well if Alexa update does not resolve.

Hmm mine show only a red dot and “There was a problem”, but they still work from the Alexa app and by voice. However the app keeps telling me the bulbs are off after I’ve just turned them on via the same screen.

Interesting, mine does not come on or off.

I should have been more clear. My mostly working products are also the original white bulbs and Wyze plugs.

I have the same issues , but everything is working with voice commands.
Light that was scheduled to turn off at sunrise via Alexa did not work
Disconnected the Wyze skill and reconnected , no change


I am having exactly the same issue with my colored bulb. I can control it with the Wyze app but when I try and use Alexa to control it, nothing happens. Alexa states that it’s a Wyze issue. Wyze is enabled in Alexa just as it always has been. It started this morning - 11/10/21 - but it worked perfectly last night. All of my other Alexa connected devices are working perfectly including an outdoor plug from Meross.

Voice command does not work for me, color bulbs for living room

As expected, no resolve with update to app or skill change.

Voice command worked for me , color bulbs for living room half hour ago , but tried just now and they are not working anymore non colored bulbs are working

Just got a voice command to work with the original Wyze white bulb from Alexa

Funny thing is when I looked Alexa showed it (front porch bulb) as being connected, The Foyer bulb showed as unresponsive, the screen flash and the devices flipped status

Might be fixed now? My error no longer shown.

Hat tip to @timotheus865

Yep seems to be fixed now.

Yeah, I see looks like it might be fixed , hope so

Got confirmation in the Discord channel



Was failed earlier for lights, (all I tested), and is now working for all tested devices…

My lights and plugs (a couple dozen total devices) are not working in Alexa. Shows as server unresponsive. Did this issue return within the last hour or so for anyone? Frustrating as I recently switched out cheap bulbs and plugs so I could have them all running through the Wyze app, but now they aren’t working properly.

The issue was with the back end servers running the Alexa and Google “skills”. As far as I understand the Wyze app was unaffected.

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