All bulbs are unresponsive using Alexa. Voice and buttons

The bulbs show up in Alexa as unresponsive.
Wyze Android App works and they are fine. Cameras work fine.
Did the dump the Wyze skill and bring it back. Nope.
Deleted the Alexa app and reinstalled it. Nope.
Even deleted one of the bulbs and readded it using the Wyze app. Nope.

Nice thing about Alexa, is the voice on and off.
This is annoying.

Seems like more of an Alexa/Wyze servers connection issue.
Wyze knows to turn them on and off. That info isn’t being communicated with the Amazon servers.

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I have had a like/dislike relationship with Alexa for a few years now. Your post had me go look where most everything I do with Alexa is by way of routines and voice commands.

I tested voice commands with Wyze white v1/v2 bulbs, Wyze Color Bulbs and the BR30s.

They all responded via the Alexa app and voice commands in my environment.

However, my Alexa app was being really finicky about wanting to start up. It hung up loading devices for a good 2 minutes

And when I did finally get in, the UI looked a little different than it did just the other day with no app update to my knowledge.

I have spent my fair share of time troubleshooting devices, connections, skills, accounts etc… where all the sudden things “just worked” again. It can be maddening. I have deduced that Alexa/Amazon does what ever they want, when they want, without advanced notice to their affiliates leaving them scrambling to resolve anything that may have broke due to their changes.

I know my response offers no resolution, but you have covered all I would have suggested. I can only offer empathy as I have been there. In which case, being on “Alexa’s time” is usually the resolve.

Yeah, I have a bunch of Fire HD tablets I bought over the years off of Woot. For the time being, I’m just going to toss one where all the bulbs are and use the WYZE app. I ran the XDA Fire Toolbox to them all that allows the google play store to be loaded. Maybe the WYZE app is on the Amazon store. I’ll just keep one around where the bulbs are.

I hate carrying a phone around in the house. I have an OOMA internet phone and a 5 phone Panasonic system just so I don’t have to have the cell phone with me if in the garage, basement or 2nd floor. I love technology, I hate have being tied to hip by it.

The Alexa App on each tablet also say unresponsive. The last thing I’m going to do is think, “Maybe if I delete all the lights and readd them…” Did it to one, nope. Not going to try again.

I wonder if some cheap Google Assistants might be something to consider. Never had one, but WYZE is supposed to work with them.

Or, dump the bulbs and get some hub setup where everything stays on the home network. Don’t know if any are voice activated. But good lord, I’d feel like an idiot spending a ton of money just to turn light bulbs on and off.

Fixed. Wyze app wasn’t linked with Alexa in the Wyze app. Why? Don’t know. I was looking into what a Google Assistant setup would entail and saw Alexa wasn’t linked.

That’s odd, you mentioned removing and re-adding the skill which is the “link” to the two services.

Glad you got it.

I have all the show devices, and it’s the echo show 15 I am most disappointed in. It really is just is a bigger screened echo show 5. There is so much space on the screen but it displays the IoT devices in one row and you have to scroll through them vs a multiples panel for selection. It could be so much better. I am not sure how much effort will be put towards AI given the rash of layoffs and all the articles regarding how much money Amazon has lost in this space.

I uninstalled Alexa on the phone then reinstalled it, still had all the devices on the list. Because the App is just showing what’s in my Amazon setup. That won’t change. Only reason I looked was I wanted to see what Google Assistant and Wyze were all about and I saw the word “Linked”. And “Linked” it was. Obviously way back when, I had to manually link them. But that was years ago. And the Wyze app was saying they needed to be linked. But the only way of knowing that was drilling down to that. And it was years ago that I last did that. A change of settings like that would be a great notification, “Hey, you aren’t linked to Alexa anymore. If you need to fix it, do blah, blah, blah”.

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