Wyze lights not working with Alexa

I received my Wyze lights and they are working great within the wyze app. However, when I try to get Alexa to control them she says they are unresponsive. Looking at the Alexa app the lights say “server is unresponsive.” I’ve deleted and re-added them. Any help would be appreciated!

Did you enable the Wyze skill in alexa?

@towelkingdom the skill is active in the Alexa app!

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Hmmm. That is bizarre. Mine are working fine.

Try rebooting your modem/router. Sometimes that fixes issues I have at my home.

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The “server unresponsive” message could be happening be cause your Wyze account was unlinked, have you changed your password?

  • Removing the Wyze skill and adding it back to the Alexa app.
  • Asking Alexa to “discover devices”(before and after trying the above)

Also, tell Alexa to “discover devices”.

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