Alexa - Server is unresponsive

I have had the “Classic Wyze Plugs” integrated with Alexa for many months without issue. Sometime today, I noticed they stopped working with either Alexa voice commands or when using the Alexa app on my phone. The Alexa app on my iPhone shows “Server is unresponsive” for each of my Wyze plugs. The Wyze plugs have the latest firmware ( and they function properly when using the Wyze iPhone app. Alexa is linked in the Wyze app and the Alexa skill is installed.

I had a fresh unopened Wyze plug sitting around so I tried setting that up to see if that would work. I was able to set it up in the Wyze app without issue. I received a notification from the Alez app that a new Wyze device was discovered, but when I goto the Alez app is shows as the generic name “Wyze Plug” and not the name I gave it. I also cannot control it through Alexa just like all of my other Wyze plugs. Since Alexa discovered the new plug, that tells me that some of the integration is working, but the given the fact that the name is not updating and more importantly the device cannot be controlled, something is not working with the integration.

Anybody else having similar issues today?

I had the same issue after a power outage. The plug also showed offline in Wyze app. I had to delete it and re-add back to Wyze app then add it back to Alexa. It happened again today. Only this time it doesn’t recognize my wifi and says I’ve switched servers??