Alexa routines triggered by wyzesense all 'play' when the cam restarts

I have 3 Alexa routines triggered by wyzesense contact sensors. 1, when the front door opens, Alexa sets volume on my echo dot to 5 and plays a doorbell sound. 2, when the front door closes Alexa sets volume to 3. 3, when a contact sensor in my car’s center console opens Alexa sets volume to 10 and plays an alarm sound.

About once a day my wyzecam V2 restarts automatically (I can hear it clicking like when I restart it manually). This is the only cam I own and the one with the wyzesense bridge attached to it. When it restarts, my Amazon echo dot ‘plays’ all of the routines triggered by wyzesense. I’ll hear it set volume to 10 and play alarm sounds and then volume 5 and play a doorbell sound. I tested the theory that this happens when the cam restarts by manually restarting my cam, and it did happen. The cam seems to restart automatically on a daily basis, making me wonder if my car’s been broken into, front door opened, etc.

Wyze beta app: V2.6.62
Wyzecam V2:
Alexa app version: 2.2.307017
Amazon echo dot device software version: 2919948420

My guess is that when you reset the cam with the bridge, in this case your only cam , it resets the bridge which resets the linked sensors also and Alexa receives, or perceives, this as combination of open/close, which triggers your routine. Resetting the bridge cam is how I reset my sensors when they get stuck in open mode. I wound up with a schedule based rule to automatically reset them twice a day just to clear any stuck sensors.
As to why your cam is resetting automatically or randomly I don’t know. Do you have any old ‘shortcuts’ left from before the switch to rules, or are you on a smart plug for that cam or possibly do you have power fluctuations that would restart the cam?

They don’t technically support the sensors yet through Alexa, but they had a beta version of it pushed live a while ago and a few people got the sensors added. I’ve got mine on there too. Lucky us! Haha.

When people discovered it, Wyze removed the integration since it’s not yet ready for primetime, and since it was never “officially” released in the first place. Anyway, I can confirm that mine behaves the same way. I assume they’ll fix it before they actually release the production version of this feature.

You can check out this thread if you’re interested: Connecting Wyze Sense to Alexa

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